August 11, 2015

Qualities of a Gentle Warrior. {Adult}


Editor’s Note: Adult Language Ahead


A gentle warrior lives inside each one of us, an untapped reserve of overflowing power.

It’s the aching place where the masculine and feminine meet, kiss and empower the sh*t out of each other.

Fierce like a falcon, tender like a purring kitten.

Yes, these seemingly opposite qualities dance and twirl together, becoming something juicy and magnificent.

After all, what is courage without deep tenderness?

What is strength without a side of raw sensitivity?

To be a gentle warrior is to have:

The soft touch of a mother, the unbreakable spirit of a fighter.

Bravery as quiet as the whispering wind; determination softer than silk.

A heart so vulnerable it hurts.

A blade made of roses, velvety and beautiful, yet capable of drawing blood on its prickly thorns.

To be a gentle warrior is:

To break open violently and sob for seven days straight, enduring sh*tty suffering with a humble smile.

To walk softly into the dark flames of transformation, looking change directly in the eye with an eager, lightning-like gaze.

To know that healing has to hurt.

To honor even the ugliest inner demons with a juicy hug and a sweet, candied kiss.

To listen deeply; patiently; vulnerably.

To speak words dripping with raw, piercing honesty.

To fight like hell.

To take no action, at all.

To be a gentle warrior is to be brave enough to stand for something real, and tender enough to bow down to life, delicately.

There is a gentle warrior inside each one of us.

Full of wisdom, soaked with compassionate power.

Let us go.

To the aching place inside.

Where the masculine and feminine meet.

Let us honor our courageous tenderness.

And bathe in oceans of quiet ferocity.


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Author: Sarah Harevy

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: Helmuts Guigo/Flickr

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