August 8, 2015

The Love & life of a Virgo. {August 23rd to September 22nd}


Virgos are the thinkers, evaluators, observers, analysers, perfectionists, hard workers, pragmatists and intelligentsia. They can also be dominating, critical and overly fussy, with high and often unrealistic expectations.

Virgos rarely wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not the type to fully submerge themselves into the depths of love, without testing the waters first. This can be an impatient struggle for a Virgo as they ache to be embroiled within the truest form of love with the most devoted and committed relationship that the romantic world has to offer.

The thing that prevents Virgos from tasting true love is their fear of intimacy and their realistic and logical thinking. Due to their constant strive to reach perfection and the fear of not living up to the standards they set out, they may fail to see how they are worthy of love and it is often their own self-esteem that holds them back.

Due to this, Virgos often attract the beautiful disasters, the lost causes and most importantly, the emotionally unavailable ones. These types of people are a safe bet for a Virgo, because until Virgos feel “perfect enough” to be worthy of an equally “perfect” partner, the lack of commitment offered in these types of partnerships suits Virgos needs. This means a Virgo doesn’t have to give away all they have to offer in a relationship especially if they don’t believe the relationship is going to last long term.

Instead, Virgos can continually safely work on improving themselves and safeguarding their heart and emotions while holding out for the opportunity of a true and authentic love.

Virgos are cautious and they will wait for perfection and will not be happy or content with settling for anything less. They are intuitive beings, with great inner strength and they are on a mission to find real, everlasting love. However, they do not seek the love of fairy-tales—what they want is a partner that takes accountability for themselves, someone who is authentic and most importantly a love that is true and fully shows up.

Virgos are sensual creatures and are often greatly misunderstood as they try their best to conceal their more sensitive sides and can appear and come across as being cold and careless towards other people’s feelings. This is often all an act and a test by the Virgo to see how hard someone is willing to play to win over their heart. Only the strong will win out and Virgo hopes that the weaker ones will fall by the wayside.

Virgos are constantly on a journey of self-improvement and have high standards for themselves and will project those standards onto others until they find a partner who lives up to their expectations. Until then, they will happily remain alone, spending time learning, reading books and generally living out their days peacefully and distancing themselves from anyone who comes close until the right one comes along.

If ever the term has been said, “The sexiest part of a man/woman is their mind,” it should be dedicated first to a Virgo. They are the intellects of the Zodiac and their brainy, analytical and observational thinking makes them great philosophers and intriguing and interesting people to be around. Their childlike wonder for life will lead to the most dazzling conversations as they venture on the road to search for knowledge and truth, dashed with magic and mystery to provide an entertaining and dynamic twist.

As Virgos are Earth signs they are easy going, humble and grounded individuals, who love to spend their free time outdoors with nature. They enjoy routine, are very practical and they pay attention to fine detail so their surroundings will be neat, tidy and clutter free.

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury so they are talkative and are good communicators whose heads make decisions over their hearts.

Virgos also allow their external critical voice to do a lot of the talking and this voice can drown out their inner voice that secretly wishes for calm. Not only are Virgos self-critical, they can also take on the role of putting down and criticising anyone else who fails to reach the extremely high expectations they demand from those around them. This constant need to examine faults can cause a Virgo to lose friendships or test relationships, even though they do not intend to come across quite as harshly as they sound.

Even once Virgos have found someone “perfect” enough to enter a committed relationship with, they will still find the desire to try to perfect them further. It is important for the partner of a Virgo to remember that this is a reflection of a Virgo’s own insecurities and not a reflection of how imperfect anyone else is around them. In a Virgo’s eyes perfection is something they strive for and they will find it very difficult to let go of the need to demand that others reach the unrealistic standards they set out.

When dating Virgo the most important thing to remember is that they like to take things slowly. This is no reflection on who they are dating, it is Virgo’s way of being rational and assessing and weighing up the other person before they decide if they are willing to take the risk and dive in head first. Once a Virgo has made up their mind, they are able to fully let go and are very affectionate, intensely passionate and deeply sensitive lovers.

A Virgo’s emotions run extremely deep beneath what is shown on the surface. It is this depth that often makes a Virgo fearful of relationships, as they know that when they tap into their capacity to fully feel, they will be turning the wheel of a faucet they fear they may not be able to control. All the pent up emotions and hunger to give and receive love will come pouring out, which is the main reason that a Virgo likes to be sure about who it will be directed at, before losing their inhibitions so that their romantic and passionate side flows.

Virgos seek unconditional love and loyalty with someone who is willing to appreciate their tendencies to seek perfection and someone who will be happy to overlook their flaws.

Aries make Virgos’ lives unpredictable, which can be a good thing in small doses for a Virgo but may leave them rattled and emotionally exhausted.

Taurus is also a good connection as they are also practical and patient and have huge hearts. Both signs like to take care of the other emotionally and physically.

Geminis are good communicators, so conversation will be flowing, however, Gemini will not have a great deal of patience with Virgos’ fussier and overly sensitive side.

Cancer is a compatible sign. Although they are very different, this works to create a good balance for the relationship. They are both caring, compassionate and can dote on one another.

Leos are great for lifting Virgos’ spirits, however, their light-hearted and fun-loving way of life can leave a Virgo feeling as though they are missing out on a deeper and more realistic connection.

Virgos matched with other Virgos will share very similar qualities and can bounce off one another and bring out the best in each other. They understand each other well, however, their constant need to criticise could leave both feeling deflated and insecure.

Libras are great listeners and good for balance and both will seek security within the relationship so they can easily form strong bonds.

Scorpios are intense and have strong commitments to love which Virgo appreciates, and both signs enjoy digging deep and exploring emotional issues, which is great for soothing a Virgo’s insecurities surrounding emotional aspects. However, Scorpios will soon become impatient with Virgo’s constant criticisms and desire for perfection and the two are more likely to fall apart than gel together.

Sagittarius will likely very quickly grow impatient with Virgos constant criticism.

Capricorns are also perfectionists, so this duo could work extremely well too. They find solace in a genuine friendship and have mutual respect for one another and so make a great team.

Aquarius and Virgo can go one way or the other, as they will either bring out the very best or the very worst in each other. They can learn to put in some hard work together and grow and learn from each other, or if they do not gel at all, cut their losses and just go their separate ways.

Pisces are Virgo’s opposite and the connection can work well, but only if both are willing to be open minded, patient and tolerant of their differences—and willing to meet each other half way.

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