August 31, 2015

This is how a Woman wants to be Touched. {Adult}

“Touching can be routine…but it shouldn’t be. Touch nurtures. Touch reconciles. Touch points us to the future. Touch sanctifies memory. In this society of keeping our distance, not invading one’s space for fear of misunderstanding the gesture; the human spirit longs… for touch.” ~ Author Unknown

A woman is a symphony of music on a quiet night, aromatic with rosebuds and freshly fallen snow—and this is how she needs to be touched.

She needs your eyes to graze along the soft skin of her arm—rounding her shoulders that are weary from carrying the weight of the world—until you reach the depths of her eyes.

She needs to have her soul touched by eyes that see her for everything she is—and also chooses to accept her unknown parts.

Her heart longs to be touched—silencing the pesky doubts and fears that linger there once and for all.

She longs to have her smile met by yours—she needs to see the joy she brings you.

She wants to taste you and lick you from her fingers—as the sweet red juice from fresh raspberries.

She wants to see that her intellect and sarcasm make you laugh like a child just discovering the thrill of riding a bike down a hill with no brakes for the first time.

She desires to see your eyes spark, and deepen as you try to take in every inch of her.

She wants to be touched by the fire that burns there—because she is the only one to ignite your passion in that way.

She wants her mind to be the first thing that you crave to touch—wishing to make a home there in attempt to figure out her secrets.

The very secrets she has never shared with anyone—no one has yet been able to handle the world that exists within the blues of eyes that see far too much and a heart that feels far too deeply.

She wants to be touched slowly at first—she wants to feel your fingertips dance over her palm as you try to remember a time when she didn’t fit into you so perfectly.

A woman wants to be touched with intentional longing, rippling below the surface of a man who continually questions his ability to be enough. This woman already sees him as her everything.

The secret of how to truly touch a woman lies in the ways she has never been touched before—her body should be the last thing that is actually brushed and grabbed by determined hands.

Because a woman doesn’t wish to be touched with perfection—but with hope. She longs to share in what will be.

She wants to feel your breath hot upon her neck—the spot right below her ear, making her back arch.

She wants to be touched by the sound of her name gasped from your lips when you realize you’re not dreaming.

She wants to feel your wide strong palms holding tight to her ribs, pressing your fingers in and feeling her heart beat for you.

A woman craves a touch that is as real as the thorns upon the rose—for the best of things in this life are those that are the most real.

And though she has, at times, bled for a love like this—it still blooms more magnificently than any other rose in her garden.

She wants to feel you kiss her—like you have been starved for the nourishment she gives.

She wants to be kissed like it was the very first time—and the last, all at once.

She wants the crash of passion as thunder waves on a midnight shore.

She wants to feel your determination, and your passion—those amazing moments where no words are necessary because your bodies say everything that needs to be said.

She wants to be touched by the sound of your love afterward.

A woman wants to be touched by your mouth—she wants to feel your mouth press against her forehead, seeming to kiss away any doubt of who she was before she met you.

She wants to feel the weight of man on top of her, but not just any man—for she has chosen you—the only one she wants.

She wants to feel the strength of delicious thighs as they move against her soft skin—she wants to be anchored to the here and now by the simple sound of your heart.

Because even when it’s racing—she knows your heart wants to be right here in this moment with her.

She wants to feel hands smoothing her hair.

She needs to be touched so that she remembers how love actually feels.

A woman needs to be touched with honesty, and kissed by longing more intense than a summer storm.

She needs to be touched in ways that make her body and soul tremble in pleasure.

A woman knows that only the lover who can touch her mind, and her heart is worthy of touching her body.


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Padurariu Alexandru/Unsplash 


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