September 3, 2015

3 Secrets Energy Healers Know.

Energy healing. It can sound so “woo woo” and out there, can’t it? Energy fields, rainbow bridges, chakras and pendulums?

It can be hard to really nail down what it is.

However, many of us have experienced some form of energy healing in our lives and felt the benefits from it without exactly understanding the how’s or why’s.

During healing touch, Reiki or a similar modality session, we have experiences, we have feel things and we see ourselves change, but we can’t always find the words to describe what has happened.

And this is just fine.

Energy healing isn’t about A plus B equals C. Energy healers know this, and that is why their work can be so profound.

Here are the three top secrets that make energy healers so effective:

1. It Is All About Love.

Energy healers know that healing is about love and intention—not about having all the “right” answers.

Anyone who has ever had pain in their bodies and minds or has had a diagnosis of a disease or illness knows there are never “right” answers. There are opinions, decisions and discussions with doctors and health professionals, but there are rarely definitive answers about what is going on with our health. Everything is just experience, and we have to make choices and steer through the journey of having this human experience the best we can.

But energy healers don’t get too worried about all of this. Instead, they channel love. They think about their client and become love itself, and that is the root force of the offering they give when providing a healing experience.

2. Let Go of Outcome.

The energy healer’s job is to channel love, guidance and healing. The energy healer doesn’t decide this pain will go away or this person will get a job soon. This is not up to the energy healer. The outcome is none of their business.

Most of us don’t know what our own souls need, so how could we know what another soul needs? Instead of deciding what healing looks, like the energy healer lets go of outcome and works with the energy that is present. The energy healer might clean up congested energy, raise the vibration or share information that comes through that is essential for the healing journey. In the end, however, it is up to each individual to integrate the healing energy in whatever way it fits for them.

3. This is Your Journey, Not Theirs.

When a client is with me—either on the massage table or over the computer—I know that our being together is their own manifestation. For whatever reason, which is none of my business, this client needs to be with me in this moment.

That reason is not for me to know. And this is very important for energy healers. We are not here to put our views on the people we are assisting. We are here just to offer unconditionally whatever we can and let the client integrate what they need for their own journey—what they are ready to receive.

Basically, this means that the individual is always in charge of their own healing process.

Each person needs to ask internally for what they want for it.

Energy healers are everywhere.

They come in all shapes and forms.

You might just be one yourself.


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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Eddi Van W./Flickr


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