September 9, 2015

For the Women Who Still Give a F*ck. {Adult}

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For the women who still give a fuck.

I used to care.

I used to care way too much about what people thought about me.

I used to obsess over my image, my works and how others perceived me.

I used to get eaten away slowly by my own thoughts, and I used to silence myself with my own voice.

I used to give to many fucks about everything.

So, this for all the women out there who still give too many fucks.

For the women who still care about what other people think and for those who let other’s perceptions define their own actions.

This is for the women who believe they are not enough.

The ones who walk around with their shoulders hunched, with eyes afraid to make contact and hands that shake when they speak their truth.

Screw it. That is not who you are.

You were born with strong feet to stand on, a voice powerful enough to speak and eyes that a deep enough to be gazed upon.

This is for the women who are afraid to eat cupcakes for breakfast, the women who suffer all day counting calories and carbs, who get lost day dreaming about their one treat a week, the women who spend hours doing cardio and hating every single moment of it.

This is for the ones who stand in front of the mirror naked scowling and wanting to starve themselves to fit into someone else’s idea of perfect.

Fuck it: eat a damn cupcake for breakfast and have eggs for dinner.

I suffered for years counting calories meticulously watching what I ate and hated every single moment of it. The moment I realized it doesn’t matter was the moment I found joy in nourishing my body with what it craved.

This is for the women afraid to to bear her breasts and dance naked in the waves.

The women who lost their sense of beauty and thought that she needed to change herself, with lasers, surgery and magical potions.

For the ones who paint their faces day and night, darkening their eyes, and brightening their cheeks thinking they would be a joke if they stopped wearing all this madness.

Call me crazy for loving my body. For embracing my small breasts and joyously dancing with my curvy hips. It’s ludicrous to think that I or you should change to fit a mould we were not meant to be in.

This is for the women who lost herself somewhere between the city and the forest.

The ones who are afraid the run wild, and barefoot down unknown paths.

The women who bite their lips in silence, rather than speaking up and howling from the mountain top this is who I am.

For those who suppressed their own instincts to please others, rather than pleasing themselves.

Fuck it. Go run wild.

Be free.

Do those things you’ve always avoided, travel, write, take photos, cook, unleash your inner wild child and don’t look back. I used to just dream of traveling, dream of living a wild, fun life. I was never satisfied, I was always hungry, until I said fuck it and did something.

I travelled to thirty countries in three years.

Anything is possible.

This is for the women who hide out during a storm instead of dancing in the rain, the ones who thought their dreams were not achievable, the ones who let the clouds cover the sun, too afraid of their own brilliance and their own light.

The women who hide in the shadows, following the rules, afraid to howl at the moon and unleash their inner goddess.

The women who are afraid of their own power, and fearful of what they could actually achieve.

We all have a powerful voice. I was once afraid of my own voice too. I was shy, I never spoke up and it left me feeling dead for a long time. We can only survive in the dark for so long before we die, and we are not mean to die alive.

This is for the women who max out their credit cards for lust, rather than save for love.

For the women who believe they are not worthy and not enough for real love, for real pleasure, the women who settle for half-assed sex, getting fucked by a man that’s more interested in her organs rather than her heart.

And, the ones who opened their hearts to men who left with every little thing and nothing all at once.

You have the power to say fuck no. You have the power to walk away.

You are just as powerful as any other individual.

I was a broken record on repeat for years attracting the same poisonous relationships, until I woke up one day and said “Fuck no, this is not how I want to be treated this is not how I want to live.”

My heart has thanked me every day since.

This is for the women who are afraid, afraid to get up and stand for everything they believe.

This is for the women who give too many fucks.

This is your wake up call, this is your sign, to stop giving a fuck.

Because you are enough—you are worthy, and you are powerful enough, to stop giving a fuck.

You have the power to live whatever life you want, you are the driver, you are the power so reclaim your life and start living.

And no matter how old you are it is never too late.





This is for the Women Who Don’t Give a F*ck. {Adult Video}

Wild Woman: 5 Ways to Un-domesticate. 


Author: Kara Bezuko

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Jarkko/Flickr 

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