September 3, 2015

Loving a Fearless Sensitive Warrior.


Sensitive men with a warrior’s soul are magnetically attractive mainly because when a man is not afraid to connect to his sensitive side and then expose it, it shows huge amounts of courage and also that he has found freedom within.

It signals a remarkable sense of individuality and strength and a sensitive warrior is one to be sought out. This is because his sensitivity means that he is aware of every drop of rain falling, each star that is burning as it falls from the sky and the sound of the enemy’s footsteps arriving from afar.

For too many years men, generally speaking, have felt that they need to portray themselves as strong, tough and even emotionally cold. The old saying, “boys don’t cry” has been popular for the simple reason that in many places it is not acceptable for men to openly show their emotions. Boys get teased terribly by their peers when they express their feelings and they are often made fun of in the playground for “liking” girls.

It is no wonder many of these boys grow up to be men who are emotionally unavailable and dramatically out of touch with their sensitive side. They have been taught to hide and cover up their true feelings and replace them with a puffed out chest and broad shoulders.

Boys are often told that men are fierce warriors and fighters—what these boys aren’t always told is that these warriors and fighters aren’t aggressive or angry comrades, quite the opposite. They are warriors who have stepped into their own power and their combat is living with a deeply profound connection to their core selves.

They live fearlessly seeking for the truth and they know that the only truths they will ever fully reveal are the ones that are found living within themselves.

Boys and men aren’t just here to rough-and-tumble or to posture with masculinity. They are here to find a balance, but before they can do that they have to wander to the edge of both extremes.

Sensitive warriors are prepared to take risks, to live meaningfully and with integrity knowing they will fall hard and fast at times. They not only question their emotions, they interrogate them to find whether the source is one of love or one of fear. They experience life intensely and they roam each of these roads fuelled with compassion, an open mind and a sense of purpose as they are in pursuit of finding the meaning beyond what is shown at the surface.

A true warrior’s spirit has fight but it also has flight. Men who are highly sensitive are aware that they do not always need to stand armed and ready prepared to win a battle, sometimes walking away from the battle is the toughest battle they will ever win.

A warrior who is sensitive will know that this gift is a both a blessing and a curse. He knows that other men won’t always connect with him when he opens up to talk about the wonder of his inner world. He is often in the wilderness alienated from others who find it difficult to understand him. It can take him some time to find out where on the planet his tribe resides and in the meantime he works out how to turn this loneliness to solitude. This is something that will be his greatest ally on his life’s journey.

The sensitive warrior knows that it can be extremely painful being so finely tuned to the harsh surroundings of a world that does not vibrate at his level. However, the warrior does not judge, he understands that each journey is significant and that there is no right or wrong way to exist. He appreciates that everyone has unique paths to navigate and he only looks at his own compass for guidance.

He also knows that to be sensitive means that he experiences life on a dimension that not everyone reaches. The sensitive man explores his creativity, he listens to what is in his soul and he can remain for hours just observing his imagination dancing its way through his mind.

A sensitive man’s world exists in full colour and although those colours aren’t always the prettiest he will always feel alive. This sensitive warrior does not choose to wear tinted glasses to dull his world because he is afraid of what he might see. He adjusts his eyes constantly, and he doesn’t turn away, even when it is deeply painful to accept what it is that he sees.

A sensitive warrior embraces his masculine and feminine side because his curiosity has pushed him to discover that humans are a mixture of both. He knows that when he tried to deny parts of himself he was unable to figure out who he truly was.

When he stood with arms wide open and allowed the blend of both masculine and feminine to work its magic he discovered that the alchemy had resulted in the creation of the truest version of himself at that time. He also knows this version is constantly altering with every moment that passes in each day.

The sensitive warrior is not afraid to be who he is and has wrestled at times with whether he is “too” this or “too” that. He often feels as though he has “too much love” or even “too much” pain for others to handle, but ultimately he knows that his “much-too-muchness” is the only way he wants to exist. He cannot compromise who he is without losing parts of himself so he knows that however difficult it is at times to live this way, it is the only way for him. To feel is to feel alive.

He has tried living a life to suit others before his warrior soul had fully developed and he not only caused frustration and pain to himself, but also to others too. This man has walked through the dark forests alone many times so that he can be brought face-to-face with the demons that haunt him.

The sensitive warrior knows that he has flaws and imperfections and he knows that these can rise up like monsters from the undergrowth at any given moment. He no longer places masks on them or tries to hide them from others, as judgement is not something that is welcomed at his table.

He puts his fearless arm around the shoulders of skeletons that hold powerful guns loaded with his emotions. Although they have one finger on the trigger, he fights these emotional battles with heart, compassion and forgiveness rather than from a place of out-dated fear.

The sensitive warrior recognises that to give and receive love to others he must first give and receive love to himself so that he knows how it feels to accept all parts of himself. He knows that if he can find affection for the bits that aren’t so easy to love and still be in a position to deliver love to himself, only then can he possibly know that he can do the same things for all others too.

To recognise a sensitive warrior, look for the innocence in his eyes. The reason the innocence is the first thing you will notice is because a sensitive warrior is wise enough to know that he actually knows very little. This is because he knows that he is simply a star in a vast universe and the majority of what is out there is not visible to the eye.

The sensitive warrior does not merely seek to uncover what truths are out there, but he looks for what truths lie within. He knows that life is a journey that will never reach its destination. He will never have all of the answers. He knows he will never be fully aware of the reality of himself, others or anything that is around him.

Yet, still, he is inquisitive so he will always be compelled to look.

A sensitive warrior’s innocence may at first appear as a sign of weakness or even naivety so it is imperative that you take a look again. When you look deeper you will find that it is the most enchanting and magnificent thing you will ever cast your eyes upon.

A sensitive warrior’s innocence is simply that he knows that he is human, so he is therefore vulnerable. By knowing that he is vulnerable he also becomes invincible.



How to Attract a Conscious/Evolved Man.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Michael Kelly

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