September 14, 2015

Out of the Dark, a Moonlit Soul Seduction. {Poem}


The half moon glows brighter than usual tonight,

beckoning her surrender.

She finds solace in the depth of the ocean,

though the tide ebbs and flows violently

attempting to throw her off balance.

Restless, she’s held captive by the illusion of possession

and her bohemian soul begs for release.

She should have known better

than to believe salvation was in forever.

Desperate to belong, she sought security in

false promises and took refuge in savage arms.

Her bliss depended on deception.

Too many moons spent abandoned in disarray,

she knows nothing of devotion.

Chaos haunts her soul,

whispering a familiar warning:

love cannot exist without pain.

Primal rhythms pound in her heart;

a heart that’s been stifled for too long.

Wounded, but never broken,

her spirit reflects her fate.

She’s emerging from the space between longing and destiny.

The stars grace her with divinity

while she dances with the constellations.

Gyrating with the universe—she’s found her tribe.

Bare, wild and free she conjures all she had forgotten

and all she is.

She lets go.

Howling in harmony with life’s gales, she finds faith

in the ever-changing direction of the wind.

Magic exists in this night.

Curses and love spells broken.

It was always inevitable.

She couldn’t help but roam.

Feral was her nature.


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Author: Kelly Chesney

Volunteer Editor: Nicole Cameron/Editor: Renee P 

Photo: Pixabay

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mellie.bikowski Sep 14, 2015 10:37am

This is a great poem! Thank you!

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Kelly Chesney

Kelly Chesney is a reiki healer and spends most of her days healing and exploring the connection between intimacy and communication as a healer, life and intimacy coach. She is a student of life and hopes to never have all of the answers.  This gypsy spirit is often restless and disappears on road-trips on a whim. She strives to meditate daily but can rarely sit still. Kelly is modern-day bohemian. She takes after her Grandma in this way. She believes in love, fate and the answers are found staring at the moon. At times, her mind is often over-analyzing and thinking in circles. Sometimes Kelly’s passion gets the best of her. When this happens she types words next to each other in hopes of making sense of it all. When Kelly is not writing she is taking steps every day to live life with fearless abandon, being her most authentic self and learning to say “yes” more. Sharing her words is one of these acts. She hopes to inspire others to do the same.