September 27, 2015

Warrior Woman, this World Needs You.


She’s a warrior, fire and lace, soft whispers and loud roars.

She runs on caffeine and sunshine

Slaying demons in her downtime,

With a sword of ferocity and freshly cut flowers.

When the stars come out and the ripe moon glows, she slips into a sea of rose petals and peppermint,

Steeping herself in life’s boiling-hot, painful, prickly waters, collecting lessons like proud pennies, in her pocket.

She becomes more fragrant from each failure, a spicy aroma of ginger and vanilla lingers on her skin,

As she transforms into something more beautiful, more complicated,

More real.

She’s magic and truth, cinnamon-spiked daydreams, innocence and raw pain.

She spends her Saturday nights slow-dancing with darkness, plummeting through the scary depths of her heart with soft feet and a crooked smile.

A wanderess, no one can pin back her restless wings or tie down her curious toes or tame her long, messy hair.

She’s wild, of course she’s wild,

Freedom calls to every inch of her paint-streaked, passionate heart,

But she knows she is born to serve something higher than her own wistful whims.

She cares for this world, so deeply, so unquestionably, so profoundly.

She wants to stand for something real.

She won’t settle for an empty life, full of half-hearted hopes or glitter-laced compliments or he-said-she said gossip bullshit.

Hell no.

That won’t satisfy the ancient thirst in her bones, the primal ache in her gut, the low, humming whisper in her ear.

She will live for wisdom, knowing, and raw, sweaty experience.

She will live for transformation and truth,

She will live for see-through vulnerability.

Peeling back the thin, silky, surface of her skin,

Baring it all in the harsh lights of authenticity,

She will be revealed—-tender, raw, pulsating, and imperfect.

She’s a warrior woman, fire and lace, soft whispers and loud roars.

An earthy goddess, an emperess of truth, a dedicated dreamer,

She believes that the future of this world is beautiful

She’s beyond beautiful,

And her belief is strong enough to be real.

I call to you, warrior woman,

I know you’re out there,

I feel your exhausted, juicy heart

I hear your fingers catching dreams, like liquid goosebumps.

I see your phoenix flames glowing ’til dawn, on the saddest, most terrible nights.

I know the weight of your grief, the frantic breathlessness of your worries; the painful sting of your struggles.

But mostly, I know your strength, your vulnerability, your courage.

Be the light that you are.

Holding back

Isn’t possible anymore.

This world needs you.

I call to you, warrior woman.

Use your gifts.

Honor your depth, your wholeness, your divinity.

Wake up the sleeping vines in your heart.

Water your soul’s deepest wishes.

Ignite and bloom in jaw-dropping shades of pink, amethyst and tangerine.

I call to you, warrior woman,

Be the light that you are.

This world needs you.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Shutterstock

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