October 23, 2015

To The One I am Waiting For. {Poem}

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I’ve fallen in love with the idea of you, 

the honeyed notions of what I imagine you would be like, your smile, your eyes.

How your laugh would sound rolling over my body filling me with joy, contagious as I burst into a thousand giggles at the sound.

I would be swept away by your sweet nothings, seductive words of love, lust and romance.

I want to sit on a balmy night, stars incandescent in the sky, a cool breeze floating over our skin.

I want for my skin to prickle at your touch, electrifying every cell within me.

I will look at you; eyes full of longing, I want it to floor you, hitting you right in your heart and resonate with your soul.

Let’s breathe in each others essence, drowning in its artistry. 

Embrace me with all that you are, flaws laid out… I want to love all of you.

Don’t keep secrets from me, don’t allow yourself to be fearful.

Be open with me and allow me to show you I will honor every inch of your being.

To me you are ineffable, personified in an aura of brilliant red.

You are passion and peace rolled into one and I want it to cover me.

Let’s explore every alluring thought we have and let our wandering hands lead the way.

You will be magic and I, the hidden trick in your mastery.


Author: Felicity Lavars

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Incase/Flickr

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