November 24, 2015

Don’t ever Forget who You Are. {Poem}


You are whole.

Life can crack you, it can challenge you,

It can split your gaping heart wide open,

But it can’t break your spirit,

It can’t tarnish your soul.


You are strong.

A stand-alone sentence.

Delicious on your own,

You don’t need fancy dressing

Or sugary frosting

To hide the beautiful uncertainty simmering behind your eyes.

Take it off, bare it all.


You are magnificent.

Capable of gigantic greatness,

Power rumbles through your tingling veins

The world lusts for your luscious lightning voice

Pearls of inspiration knock at the door of your heart,

No love can complete you, you are already complete.


You are not beautiful,

You are beauty.

Moonlight spills out from your toothy smile,

Strings of jasmine-scented stars glimmer inside your eyes

Sunbeams engulf your juicy soul,

Warming your


Your goddamn beautiful heart.

Your whole heart,

Your magnificent, strong, worthy, bad$$ heart,

As it sings its sparkling heart song,

Full of blossoming truth

And love,

So much succulent, deep-flowing



Make a promise, right now—a pinky promise strung in gold,

Don’t ever forget who you are!

You are divine—

Full of ripe rubies, stuffed with a sea of unbreakable wisdom.

You are divine—

Born of stardust, destined for greatness, fated for infinite oneness.

You are divine.

You were never anything less.

Not for a second, not for a day, not for minute.

Not ever.

You are divine.

Don’t you ever.

Forget it.



Remember Who you Really Are.

Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Pixabay/Blanka

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Read 3 comments and reply

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