November 26, 2015

How the Grump Spoiled Thanksgiving.


Everyone who loved turkey loved Thanksgiving a lot
But one girl who was not fond of feasting did not
She hated November, the whole holiday season
And if you ask why, beware a long list of reasons

It could be that turkey just wasn’t her thing
It could be that no one allowed her to sing
But perhaps the most significant reason was this
The mindless assumption of requisite bliss

While everyone smiled and drank and was jolly
She marveled anew at the noise and the folly
“How can they be merry?” she thought disbelieving
“With so many stresses and half the world grieving?”

Usually there was fighting all night and all day
Even that morning was spent in complete disarray
Yelling at sports teams and making poor choices
Judging and misreading in a chorus of voices

“This happiness can’t stem from genuine joy,
It must be anticipation of a new Apple toy”
She knew that no one wanted to be there, you see,
But perhaps they could fake it for a brand new tv

For Black Friday, you see, was the true day of joy
Thanksgiving was just an imposter decoy
The girl hated the thought of a forced giant meal
She just wanted something that was true, that was real

There was sadness inside her that haunted her past
She felt that pure happiness never would last
Thanksgiving reminded them all of such loss
Of how they had got there and what it had cost

There were loved ones now absent, hearts broken, plans changed
The world seemed in shambles and people in pain
She just couldn’t stand it, this holiday cheer
So she made a decision to change things this year

She refused to serve dinner, gave all the food back
She would not feign a smile, let alone laugh
The hardships of the whole year were put on display
“No holiday spirit could be felt this way”

She called out her family, her friends, the whole world
Issues, arguments, stories that could make your hair curl
There were tears and much outrage, confusion, and fear
For this girl was questioning all they held dear

So the girl left in triumph, Thanksgiving would fall
They could do what they wanted and go to the mall
That will teach them, she smirked, to force false merry-making
Everyone knows we spend holidays faking

Then something happened, something quite unexpected
Something only heard in memories recollected
But how did this happen? Could it be? Was it true?
What could possibly make them choose this to do?

She turned her ears homeward and listened with care
For something so scarce she forgot it was there
It started out softly but grew with each breath
A feeling that tightened the air in her chest

Pictures flooded her mind, flashes of years gone by
She tried to forget, tried to figure out why
Why would they still be carrying on with the feast?
Hadn’t they felt her mad interference in the least?

But the feeling was there, and it kept getting stronger
She could not deny its great force any longer
The girl felt her heart start to thaw, start to melt
It had been a long time since such feelings were felt

So she went back inside and beheld such a sight
That never would she ever forget that one night
When Thanksgiving went on, without anger or greed
When everyone had all, and just what they need

The feeling, it seemed, was the best part of all
No one needed to yell or to go to the mall
The feeling that started this whole grand tradition
Was there all along if she’d just stopped to listen

Finally realizing what she almost missed
She rejoined the party and tried to assist
The feeling surrounded her, within and above
For it seemed that Thanksgiving was all about love


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Author: Gabriella Sweezey

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: floodllama

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