January 23, 2016

Give me a Rich Man or No One at All.

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“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”  ~ Unknown

While the balance of his bank account is irrelevant to me, I do want a man who is rich beyond my wildest dreams.

The most amazing qualities that a man can possess aren’t found in the balance of his checking account, in the brand of his clothes or even in the emblem on his ride, it’s found within his heart.

The truest mark of a man can’t be decided by his financial wealth, but in the riches of his soul.

Give me a man with no money to his name but who has a heart of gold.

The thing is, money can’t buy happiness nor can it buy love.

Money can’t provide security against emotional distress, and it can’t guarantee that someone will always be there for us in our time of need.

In the end, it doesn’t much matter how many dollars he can throw around on expensive dates and lavish gifts, because none of that is truly the sign of a man who values and loves a woman.

Give me a man who has nothing to offer but himself.

I’ve had sparkling diamonds and bracelets encrusted with jewels, but I was still left alone and cold by myself at the times when I most needed someone.

Because fancy things can’t ever replace someone to pull us close and hold us down when the going gets tough.

Instead, show me a man who has nothing to place around my neck but his arms—a man whose only adornment is in the smile that I am left wearing because of him.

Any man can go to a store and buy presents—but not many can make his very presence the greatest gift.

I don’t need a man to provide for me financially, because I can do that for myself.

What I need, and what I desire is a man who can give me precisely what I can’t give myself—someone to hold me close at night before I drift off to sleep reminding me that in his arms being the woman he loves is enough.

Give me a man who makes my life richer just being by my side.

The truth is, I crave what is buried deep beneath the attractive exterior of a man.

Although the flash of physical appeal may catch my eye, it won’t catch my heart unless there is soul to back it up.

While I may appreciate his style and cut, the truth is, it will be the dreams held within his eyes that turn me on the most.

It’s his desire to help others and make the world a better place that will send the sparks of fire from his eyes out into this world, igniting the path from his arms to mine with ambition and passion.

The greatest riches will be his light and ravenous desire for life, evident within the way he smiles and in how he looks at me with an endearing curiosity.

Because the thing is, a rich soul can never be hidden by sweat pants and sneakers, just as wearing a suit can’t show a man’s true worth, if he lacks integrity to begin with.

Give me a man who’s dreams are truly priceless.

The thing is, I crave a man who is rich in spirit, because it’s these jewels that are truly invaluable.

When I look at a man, it’s his honesty, integrity and the dance of his moral compass that tell me if this is a man whose soul calls to my own.

Who we are affects how we look.

It’s not just about being beautiful, but about being light in spirit.

I know that it’s a man’s heart that makes him alluring to me.

Because the truth is, there is nothing more attractive than a man who tries his hardest to do the right thing, one who follows his own heart and lives to create his own triumphant story from the ashes of his past.

Give me a man who has learned that it takes pressure in order to create a diamond.

There is a difference in how a man touches a woman who he values as the most precious stones.

It’s held within his lingering gaze and the memorizing passion of his fingertips across her bare skin.

There is a distinction in how a man touches a lover if he wishes to penetrate her soul, versus only her body.

A man who wishes to be consumed within a woman is also the man who has learned where the truest riches lie.

Because the greatest gift a woman can give a man is her heart and her trust.

Give me a man who knows that sometimes we need to dig deep in order to find the buried treasure.

I desire a man whose loyalty makes him rich beyond measure.

Whose smile is more brilliant than diamonds, and whose heart light shines brighter than any rare opalescent jewel.

A man who knows that he is a treasure.

At the end of the day, it won’t be his accessories or even his billfold that determine his wealth, but in how authentically he chooses to live his life.

It’s held within the set of his jaw, as he is poised to take on whatever challenge life may throw at him.

He understands that even the most rare gems were a diamond in the rough at one point.

It’s in his actions when no one else is watching, but most of all it’s held within the smile of the woman who is proud to call him her man.

Because a truly rich man knows that money doesn’t ever make the man.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” ~ Bob Marley



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/Flanzingo Photos

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