January 30, 2016

How to Be an Empath & Keep Your Sanity.

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I used start my day staring at the ceiling and wondering if today was the day the men in white coats were coming to take me away.

This was my reaction to knowing I was an empath. I figured the crazy train had stopped at my destination and was going to stay for a while.

I was praying for a “normal” day, yet always expecting the worst.

I was on an emotional roller coaster.

Empaths are sensitive beings; we feel the pain, heartache, desperation, joy, happiness of others. We feel all of it on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.

We can feel it in our bodies as aches and pains or as a kind of mental fog. It effects us on a spiritual level and can change our perception of who we are.

I remember one particular gruelling morning where the emotions were coming at me faster than the waves hit the shore line. I sat there hysterically crying thinking this can’t be how my life is meant to be.

I needed help.

The universe responded with gentle nudges and whispers as to what I could do to keep my sanity—to learn how to tell the difference between external emotions and those that belonged to me. Once I was able to distinguish what emotions were mine life got a hell of a lot easier to figure out and the anxiety levels dropped.

We cannot make decisions, move forward or make life changes if we do not know what we are feeling is really ours. How frustrating is that? The feeling of helplessness that comes with these heavy emotions and then to take it on as yours because you didn’t know what you felt belongs to the neighbor down the street or someone you passed at the store.

I was so tired of feeling a zombie just walking through my days without any destination or real presence, until I started creating daily rituals for myself, that actually gives me peace and calmness during my day.

When I skip a day, I feel it.

  1. Create a symbol.

This will help you distinguish what emotions do not belong to you. Pick something that is meaningful to you—mine is a bear. It can be anything a person, place, animal, color or flower.

2. Spend time alone each day.

Even if it is five minutes of peaceful solitude just to regroup.

3. Create a gratitude journal.

This encourages us to spend time just be grateful for the happenings in our days.

4. Spend time in the morning deciding how you want your day to flow.

5. Spend some time reflecting on your mindset.

How do you you perceive situations and people? The happier you are as a person the easier energy and emotions flow through you. What in your life makes you happy and can you bring more of it in?

6. Mediate daily.

You can do this in a variety of ways. I like to walk and meditate or color and I find peace and calmness. Even sitting down for 15 minute and listen to a guided meditation.

When you become overwhelmed with emotions the easiest things to do are put your feet in the dirt, ground yourself. If the weather doesn’t permit that try washing your hands, taking a shower or bathe with Epson salts. This really helps clear the energy. Nature is a balm to your soul.

Another way is to visualize that your energy is grounded into the earth and you are connected to the universe then think of a bubble wrapping itself around the emotions or physical issues and feel the bubble being released into the universe to be transformed.

Empaths‬‬ are the cleaners of the universe—we feel your pain and heartache and words of woe. We heal you as best as we can, with a touch or a smile or just allowing you the space to be whether we know you or not. We are a gift the universe sent to the world to help heal the wounds.

Smile, my empath friends, you are a healer and a fighter. We can be empaths, be happy and love our lives.




Author: Tricia Dycka

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Courtney Emery/Flickr 

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