January 6, 2016

Jyotish Sidereal Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {December 25th – January 9th}.

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*Editor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

*Author’s note: Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and considered a relative of astronomy. It is an important and valuable part of the ancient Vedic texts. This complex, logic-based and also intuitive science has survived thousands of years in India’s Vedic tradition and is still considered a highly valuable tool of guidance and life insight. It is not a religion, but rather a philosophical understanding of human and cosmic existence. In Sanskrit, Jyoti means light. Essentially, the study of Jyotish is the study of light and how we interact with the cosmic light—within us and within the cosmos. Vedic astrology, or the sidereal approach to astrology, casts charts differently than Western, or Tropical astrology. The meanings, implications and purpose of Jyotish is therefore different, as are the details used for prediction and the indications given below.

Themes of movement, change and transition continue during the waning Moon cycle.

On the heels of Mars moving to Libra and Venus joining Saturn in Scorpio, a third transit takes place just as the Moon begins to wane. Mercury moves to Capricorn only to retrograde shortly afterward. Use this cycle to contemplate what you are releasing and what you are carrying forward into the months ahead. Gather the support, resources and guidance you need to ground, stabilize and integrate through these changes.

Mercury moves to Capricorn at 05:02 a.m. PST on January 5th, an amicable sign for him. Multiple gazes are given to Mercury, stirring the mind and provoking textures in the mental body landscape. Saturn, Mars and Rahu give their drishti to Mercury, instigating tension and frustrations. This is a time to seek balance with your momentum. Leap and land carefully—and with intention. Desires may be strong and intense on the mental body level. Are these desires controlling you? Find ways to soften and surrender. The tension between Saturn (stop, slow) and Mars (go, fast) is intensified by Rahu (the amplifier).

Capricorn’s nature is to push really hard, overwork and to tenaciously take on a challenge. Are you biting off more than you can chew? Saying yes when you really need to say no? Find ways to delegate, get extra support and notice where you invite in overwhelm. This is often a strategy for self sabotage, perpetuating cycles of “not being enough” or “not doing good enough”. Remember that challenges are an opportunity to notice what needs to change or shift within us or our choices. What needs to change for smoother sailing?

As Mercury continues to move through the constellation Uttarashada, the Vishvadevas provoke some stability and balance for the mind while inviting in some peace and inner joy. Mercury is in retrograde for three weeks—until January 25th. During this cycle, he will dance back through the domain of the Vishvadevas, returning to Sagittarius once again, just minutes after the 14th of January arrives.

Once he lands back in Sagittarius, he runs right into the Sun, rendering him combust and in exact conjunction with the heat of fire itself. The mind will be hot, agitated and fragile leading up to and after this transit so be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Sun and Mercury pass and begin to separate as Mercury retreats back through Sagittarius and the Sun moves forward into Capricorn. Retrograde Jupiter now gives his gaze to Mercury, softening and stabilizing the mind, yet provoking growth and wisdom in ways that may arrive as challenges and learning curves.

Mercury moves back into the first portion of the Ashada constellation, Purva on the 17th of January and Apas arrives with her watery ways to increase flow, fluidity and movement. With the conjunction of Venus and Mercury at this time, a powerful creative energy may be felt. Use this creativity for movement, change and supporting transformation. Mercury won’t arrive back into Capricorn until February 8th, when he will ask you to revisit themes around forcing outcomes and pushing hard to achieve. Where can you surrender and release? Where do you need more support? Gather resources now for greater stability.

Jupiter is perched at the edge of Leo right now and in very fragile degrees. On January 7th, Jupiter begins his retrograde motion, retracing his steps through the fiery and passionate sign of Leo until May 9th, 2016.

Sun, Leo and the 5th house all connect us to the father and masculine energy in general. In many regards, Jupiter can also be an indication of the father, or the extension of the “father” because he represents our teachers, guides and those who provide support. This cycle will certainly influence our personal mythology with father and authority figures, as well as our relationship with these parts of our life story. Jupiter will bring learning, growth and new wisdom as well as personal development in the realm of father and all things father figure, authority, teachers and power issues. What parts of your relationship with your father and power need attention, healing or extra support? Now is the time to put some focus on this part of your inner and outer life.

The body part connected to the fifth house is the upper gut—a place of intuitive insight and the seat of our inner power. Deepening our relationship with this part of the body will be helpful to increase healing intentions connected to power, ego, trust and sense of self. We need a healthy relationship with our ego in order to thrive. Gut wisdom can help us find this truth within, while also deepening balance and harmony with inner and outer dynamics. Pay special attention to your digestion, agni, inner fire and intuition during this cycle as there will be ample guidance available.

As Jupiter retrogrades on January 7th, he begins to retrace his steps back through Uttaraphalguni and then into Purvaphalguni until he goes direct on May 9th, 2016. Retrograde planets intensify the effects of a transit as the backward motion is an expression of the shadow nodes, Rahu and Ketu. The first half of the Jupiter in Leo cycle will provide us with a taste of what’s to come in the second half. What did you learn over the last half of 2015?

After January 7th, we will receive more opportunities to look at our personal mythology connected to power, relationships, masculine and ego more closely. Track the insights that come from July to January closely as these will likely be areas of your life that will intensify and increase in the second half of the Jupiter transit.

To increase the intensity during Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, Rahu will join Jupiter in Leo on January 29th, kicking up cravings, desires, confusion and uncertainty. He also brings worldly increases with him, however, Jupiter is spiritually oriented. Their energetics bring conflict which can bring a heightened confusion with it. Additionally, Saturn will be giving his gaze to Leo during this Jupiter transit which will request diligence, consistency and commitment. He insures hard work and struggles, but we must trust he has our best interest in mind in the long run.

This Jupiter cycle is one of increase and expansion, one that will ultimately help us deepen our truth and a commitment to our own strength and power. How we get to this awareness of inner strength will vary, but the effects will undoubtedly be transformational. As Jupiter retrogrades back through Leo for three months, it is a time to gather resources, guidance, support and wisdom that you overlooked the first time around. Notice who and what returns, beckons and arrives once again. Get your needs met in new ways by saying yes to familiar, nourishing resources. Notice the needs that keep resurfacing asking you to look at them again and in new ways, with fresh eyes.

Now is an ideal time to prepare for the upcoming transit with extra jyotish astrology guidance and support, as well as having a Jupiter yagya for a smoother transition. Read more about Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter and Rahu move closer to each other during this cycle, preparing for a collision January 30th as Rahu and Ketu change signs. With Jupiter at the edge of Leo and Rahu at the edge of Virgo, both planets are already in very close proximity, sandhi (in the gap between signs) and fragile. The nature of Jupiter and Rahu oppose each other. Jupiter is sattvic (pure) in its energy and oriented towards expansion, growth, wisdom and pure knowledge, whereas Rahu is demonic in nature, brings shadows, illusions, desires and cravings.

We might see conflicts between shadow and light, truth and deception, spirituality and dogma increase at this time. Notice your convictions, righteous indignation and power trips in the coming days and weeks. Notice where you are hanging on tightly and refusing to relax, surrender or release. Find ways to keep grounding in the wisdom of your physical body as the truths you are searching for are within. Open your heart wider and track your emotional body wisdom for messages about what you need for deeper nourishment. Take time for meditation in order to give the mind a break.

The shifts of Rahu and Ketu, as well as the retrograde motion of Jupiter, offer change and transformation in potent ways at this time. There is a certain instability and fragility occurring in the transits. Notice the effects this has on you and your personal experiences. This is a time for extra self care, guidance and resources that provide stability, support and clarity. It’s also important to get extra planetary support through yagyas.


*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic (sidereal) rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your Western sign (Tropical) as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Relationships continue to play a major role in your focus and intentions at this time as Mars continues to transit your 7th house. Watch your words carefully, stoke your embers with thoughtfulness and care. Clean up anger and unconscious emotion. Motivation is increasing. It’s time to create some order and attend to business, while healing old wounds that have been left to fester. Ask for more support at this time and gather resources to help you get your needs met. Focus your energy and attention on dharmic work. What nourishes you? Do that! Your children, father and romantic partners will need your extra attention in the coming months. Ask others for support and find new pathways.

Taurus: Retrace the terrain of the heart and let old passions return. Stoke the embers of your longings and activate your desires. Find stability and support, comfort and nourishment with relationships and others. Where is this new balance coming from? Heal your anger and your drive to achieve. Can you slow down and surrender? Anger is the enemy of the self. Let go and release. Let the soul transform and use your mental body, creativity and writing to step closer to your dharmic work. The coming months will require you to attend to your emotional body more diligently- as well as cultivate new ways of working in the world. Let spirit guide you.

Gemini: Return to old creative desires and projects and bring them back to life. Transform the mind through healing resources and self development work. What parts of your mental body have you left in the dark? How is this holding you back from feeling safe and nourished? Anger and passion are being stoked. Are you fanning the flames or soothing the burns? Clean up your diet and balance your intake of sweets, carbs, sugars and intoxicants, as well as shopping and over-spending. Notice how these are impacted by your emotional body. The coming months will amplify your creativity and courage, while increasing spiritual and dharmic support. What do you truly want for your life? Activate.

Cancer: Keep bringing the light to the parts of yourself that need healing. Old wounds with father and teachers, enemies and challenges return for you to take another look at them. It’s important to attend to your grief and let your emotional body flow. Past relationships and friendships need your cleansing tears to feel the relief. Your heart is feeling passionate and agitated simultaneously. Channel this energy into your creative endeavors. Your voice, speech, nourishment and money will require your extra focus and attention in the coming months. Learn how to communicate effectively and share yourself more clearly.

Leo: Find ways to retrace your steps and return to your self, your essence. Share your wisdom in new ways and through old desires. Charge forth with creativity, passion and your heart. Integrate, balance and stabilize your emotional body. Let creativity be a channel for grief and release. Bring light to romance, children and your gut wisdom. What are you learning about landing in your power and truth? Heal the mind and retrace mental body terrain. How are your old stories keeping you at war with yourself? The coming months will require you to upgrade yourself on every level- inner and outer. Step towards your dharmic work and attend to children, romance, father and power.

Virgo: The light is on in your heart, let your bright light shine into your dark corners. Speak with power, clarity and truth, but watch how you share your anger. Are you blaming others when it’s you that needs to restructure boundaries and find clarity with your needs? Where are you leaking your power and giving it away mindlessly? Let creativity flow but gain balance with this for maximum potency. Be courageous and share your creative work with others. The coming months will require you to retreat and travel more, while liberating yourself in new ways. The change in scenery will help you heal and transform while processing and letting go. What needs to be released once and for all?

Libra: Passion, creativity and action-oriented behavior is strong right now. Seek balance with money, words and what you ingest. Over indulgence with sweets, alcohol, carbs and over-spending is easy to do right now. Seek balance with pleasures and ask for support if necessary. Find your creative courage and let it shine brightly. Attend to matters of heart and home by gaining clarity and focus. What have you overlooked? Return to unfinished business and tie up loose ends. In the coming months you will need to pay close attention to friendships, father, children and romantic relationships. Gather new resources and extra support in order to find new pathways for growth and healing.

Scorpio: Structure, stabilize, balance and increase flow and fluidity- inside and out. Let creativity guide this process and allow space for more nourishment and support to arrive. Let relationships bring harmony, while you grieve and release the old and painful ones. Find ways to rest more softly in your passion and dynamism. Let go of the push and use your energy wisely. Use your powerful presence for positive change and transformation. Use writing and your potent words to step courageously forward. The coming months will bring huge changes with your work and how you share yourself with the world. Step into your power and don’t look back.

Sagittarius: Your inner light is shining brightly as Sun moves through your first house. Get noticed and let others see you for your brilliance. Speak your truth and speak your mind. Let your words help you get noticed, but watch for dogmatic and overzealous beliefs that keep you away from softness, comfort and compassion. Find ways to meditate with your body- through walking, yoga, dance and creative endeavors. Use time alone to help you release and let go. The coming months will intensify your dharmic work. Activate and align with your purpose and step onto your path with focus.

Capricorn: Retrace your steps and get details in order. Get mentally prepared by clarifying and calculating your needs and desires. Take time for rest, restoration and silence. As Sun moves through your 12th house, it’s a time for retreat mode. Can you let go and simplify? Gather your reserves and inner strength for the coming cycle. Find a conscious balance within friendships, romantic relationships and with your children. Use your passion and fire with deep intention in order to come out ahead. The coming months will require diving deep within, with much transformation taking place. Heal old wounds, as well as karmic and familial patterns, and speak your truth.

Aquarius: Rest your mind and spend time in meditation. Let relationships and creative life force energy bring you balance and wisdom. How can these messages arriving, support your dharmic work? Your offerings to the world take on more harmonious structure. You are feeling the balance- inner and outer. What are you noticing? What is working? What is not? Keep moving towards the nourishment and notice where this sensation lands in the body. Your heart will let you know when you’ve arrived. The coming months will bring changes with your relationships. There will be many changes with who is in your life and who is not. Find stability within.

Pisces: Shine and be seen for your inner light, good deeds and charisma. What needs to change within, in order for your light to increase? Where are you pushing too hard? Where are you not pushing hard enough? Revisit old friendships and relationships, in order for new gains. Step into your dharmic work with diligence and balance. Let creativity and artistry flow. Transform and shift “I can’t” into “I can”. Enliven your passions with new conviction. The coming months will force you to attend to healing and inner growth more acutely. Who and what are you confronting? Spend time on retreat and discovering your needs. Notice where you give away your power unconsciously.
*All timing is given in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

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