February 14, 2016

A Love Letter to Myself, from My Future Partner.


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I decided to write myself an epic love letter from my future partner.

I mean, if I’m going to get specific…

My Dearest Love, 

I know that a part of you questions whether or not you will find great love again and fear the potential reality that it may not be in the cards for you… 

I know that a part of you has worried that you’ve let go of the only man you ever really loved and there is doubt that your heart will beat as strongly for another again… 

I know that a part of you feels guilty about not being able to reciprocate the love that men have professed to you; I know a part of you wonders if you have made mistakes by trusting your intuition in saying no to them. 

I know that a part of you feels pressured by your family who wonders why you are still single when all of your childhood friends are engaged or already married.

 I know that you no longer buy into the messaging intertwined in romantic fairytales and yet your soul still cries out to be swept away by the man of your dreams.

I know that you have worked hard at letting go of attachment and have embraced your independence and yet you yearn for intimate connection with your future life partner.

I know all this because I am that man and I am writing you to let you know that I am here. 

You needn’t worry, you needn’t fear, you needn’t question.

You must keep going.

You must keep trusting. You must keep making self-honoring choices. You must keep opening to new experiences. You must keep daring greatly. You must keep allowing yourself to fall hard and continue rising strong. You must keep believing in yourself and those around you. You must keep challenging yourself in everything you do. You must keep radiating that incandescent light. You must keep finding compassion for your darkness. You must keep owning all that you are.

In doing so, I promise that our paths will cross. And when they do, our eyes will meet and you will know as I flood your heart with endless love.

I promise to acknowledge and appreciate all the different textures, shades, and colors that are threaded into the tapestry of who you are.

I promise to honor your glorious light and celebrate the depths of your beautiful darkness.

I promise to hold space for your moments of chaos, to allow you to become undone and to remind you of your center so that you can find your stillness within the storm.

I promise to challenge you through and through, to be a clear mirror and to reflect the opportunities for growth and deep healing.

I promise to learn from you, to grow with you and to receive the endless gifts you have to offer to me. 

I promise to cherish your every detail, to admire your every flaw, to appreciate all your eccentricities. 

I promise to be present, to drink you in every second spent, to not take a moment for granted. 

I promise to make you laugh so hard that you cry and to hold you in my arms when you fall apart.

I promise to travel the world with you, to ignite your curiosity and sense of wonder and to embark on endless adventures together.

I promise to support your passions, to push you to go after all your dreams, to believe in your limitless potential and hold you in your greatness.

I promise to dance with you (regardless of whether there is music playing), to share my secrets with you, to bask in the silent moments, to really look at you.

I promise to cuddle you every night, to kiss you every morning, to hold your hand whenever I am granted the opportunity.

I promise to take responsibility for the times when I get upset, to communicate when I have lost my footing, to own those moments when I project my hurt onto you. 

I promise to always be honest with you, to welcome the difficult conversations, to lean on knowing that we can face whatever arises, even when it feels fucking hard. 

I promise to make you feel safe and secure while giving you the space to be free in your expression and fly throughout the open sky. 

I promise to be the greatest father to our children and to honor and respect you as the ineffable  mother you were born to be. 

I promise to fully embrace our relationship, but to not hold on too tight knowing that it is a choice and that we must continue to choose each other in each moment spent.

I promise I will find you, and I when I do, I will love you until the end of time. 


Your Beloved

Author: Jessica Winterstern

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Jonathon Kos-Read/ Flickr

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