February 18, 2016

Befriending Fear. {Poem}

Charles Harry Mackenzie/Flickr

Is that fear?

Say “Hello.”

Welcome it.

Feel it.


Where is it?

Sink right into it.

Don’t intellectualize it,

Just feel it—deeply.


Where does it come from?

What does it want to tell me?

What is it here to teach me?


Ask it.


Listen to it.


Don’t let your mind do the talking.

Let your body whisper to you

Its secrets.

Let your body tell you

What it is it’s been holding onto

All this time.


Pay attention

And be respectful.


Immerse yourself in the pain that arises.

Don’t push it away—

Allow it to be.


Sit with it until it’s ready to leave.

When you don’t resist it,

It will depart sooner.

And when it does, thank it for the lessons

And for making room for love

To enter.



Make Love, Not Fear. {Poem}


Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Charles Harry Mackenzie

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