February 8, 2016

The Truth about the 5th Dimension.


I am exhausted because just when I thought I had this life’s three dimensional reality sorted out, people have raised the bar to a “fifth dimension.”

In a recent Google search, I pulled up over 360,000 websites which discuss this new phenomenon. After reading a dozen or so of these websites, I discovered that various “experts” describe 5D as a consciousness where everything is non-medicated bliss, there are no negative thoughts (ever see the movie “Flatliners”?) and our desires manifest effortlessly (like pizza delivery).

Over and over, these writers declare that the world is transitioning or shifting from 3D consciousness (apparently bad) to 5D (apparently good). Is this reality or a new form of a weary world’s escapism? (It actually sounds more like the promised coming of the Messiah.)

I was a liberal arts major in college and enjoyed philosophy classes, as well as comparative culture and religion classes. I started studying Eastern philosophy and religions in the 1970s and have been meditating since 1971. In this rush to nirvana—the stillness of mind after the distractions of desire, aversion and delusion have been eliminated—author after 5D author prescribe a list of actions that can be taken to evolve from a 3D consciousness (suffering) into a 5D consciousness (bliss).

These include:

• Let go of negative thoughts and emotions and thinking only positive thoughts.

• Stop the planning of your life and allow it to unfold in synchronistic ways.

• Get rid of your limiting beliefs and subconscious habits that limit your growth.

• Become one with the universe.

• Develop your psychic and intuitive skills.

• Love everyone unconditionally.

• Allow the universe to manifest abundance in every area of your life.

I was a trial attorney for 27 years and, according to this new concept of 5D consciousness, I
was unknowingly trapped in the suffering of 3D consciousness.

I set goals and I achieved them.

I raised a family.

I was highly successful in my work, my play and my religious pursuits.

However, there were a lot of things I did not understand about life and I set out to discover them. I suppose everyone, from time to time, wonders about what we don’t know and would like to discover. We always want to know what is on the other side of the door.

This curiosity is human nature and leads us onward to greater understanding and wisdom. I discovered that meditation and quiet contemplation leads to bliss and positive thinking—that is our nature as well.

I truly believe that our capitalistic culture ingrains certain comparative and competitive belief systems into our psyche to motivate us to be productive and contributing members of this society. This may or may not lead to stress and stress-related illnesses, but these can also be healed and resolved with holistic remedies.

I believe it is human nature to seek more understanding and wisdom, as that allows us to live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. But not everyone feels that pull, that tug to higher knowledge and understanding. Everyone steps to the beat of their own drummer.

It is the New Age movement which started in the early 1900s that, I believe, has caused this fantasy world of 5D consciousness. The promise of a stilled mind and a heaven-like environment (called “dewachen” in Tibetan Buddhism) had spawned a new industry of new age bliss to be capitalized on.

There are hundreds of people seeking to make money off of this 5D consciousness infatuation. I am not speaking rhetorically here; I am one of those people who have spent a small fortune chasing this mythic state of being.

I have attended countless workshops, joined a cult that promised a 5D consciousness to all of the devotees, studied dozens of new age gurus and read countless books about this new phenomenon.

After all of this money, education, experience and effort, my conclusion is there is no such thing as 5D consciousness and it is the invention of people who don’t want to deal with reality.

Rather than applying the principles of compassion, empathy and love in the real world—and solving the problems of the real world—these gurus create a fantasy world in the future where these attributes exist and sell this future fantasy to those who don’t want to resolve the problems facing them in today’s world.

As I was chasing the New Age “rabbit,” I noticed that there were some problems with the whole 5D approach.

The promises are quite extraordinary; the pundits say that we will recognize we are experiencing 5D consciousness when:

• We start experiencing feelings of deep inner peace, expansion and light.

• Negative feelings instantly and miraculously disappear.

• Our senses become more acute and we perceive more beauty in the world.

• Time disappears.

• Miraculous manifestations occur frequently.

• We become psychic and all knowing.

• We recognize our multi-dimensional body.

• We are able to use the Law of Attraction to our advantage swiftly and effortlessly.

The subconscious message that these promises contain is that if I don’t experience the signs of 5D consciousness, there must be something wrong or defective with me and I have to go outside of myself to heal this deficiency.

I began to experience the same old feelings of failure and inadequacy because I was not experiencing being a luminous being. Quite frankly, the teachers who were selling these products didn’t appear to be experiencing 5D consciousness either.

Thus, the whole 5D consciousness industry is beginning to look more and more like garden variety snake oil.

Rather than spending any more money on “5D consciousness” workshops and projecting my life into the future, I have found that fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness are easily obtained in 3D consciousness. All I have to do is the following:

• Focus on loving myself without self-doubt or self-criticism.

I focus on the times of my life when I was happy and satisfied and let those feelings fill my consciousness.

• Stop being a victim.

I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. Life happens for me, not to me.

• Serve others.

I think about how I can help others without expectation of reward. Good deeds are their own reward.

• Be the best person I can be.

That means that I want to live with as much honesty, integrity, truth and compassion as I can muster at any given moment.

• Meditate and contemplate as much as possible.

I used to allow my thoughts to overwhelm me on a daily (if not hourly) basis. This allows my frantic mind to slow down and experience my feelings more clearly, as well as respond to crises rather than react to them. What is left is the ability to access peace and contentment, fully.

• Always be kind, especially to myself.

Kind thoughts, words and action go a long way in calming my worries and anxieties. My experience is that when I am kind to myself (loving myself), I am able to be kind to others. I constantly remind myself that I don’t have to go to every fight I am invited to—especially if that fight is with myself.

• Have no expectations.

When I have expectations I become attached to results and this makes me unrealistic. If I have no expectations, I will never be disappointed.

• Be grateful for everything that I have.

When I wish that my life were different (like living in a 5D world) I can only suffer. When I wish my life were different I am basically being ungrateful.

We live in a reality that does not have dimensions—it only has consecutive moments of now, now and now,over and over.

How I think determines how I experience my life.

I can live in a fulfilling and exciting world by just believing it. The world does not have to change; the universe does not have to shift. I create my own reality and a hell of a lot of fun.

Quite frankly, 3D is working very well for me.




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Author: James Gray Robinson

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Hartwig HKD/Flickr 

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