March 24, 2016

Cheers to the Morning People!


I roll over to look at my phone to see the time. The alarm hasn’t gone off, which means I am early to wake; yet again.

I lay there for a moment hoping that this morning my brain will decide to go back to sleep for the hour it still has. But like all mornings before, it says time to get up. Wandering out of the bedroom and down to my Keurig, my brain is going a thousand miles a minute already. Coffee is needed. As the coffee fragrance fills the air, I smile. I love the smell of coffee. A simple pleasure, I think to myself, as I inhale deeply. This is when the relaxation starts.

Finding my spot on the couch, it is still quite quiet at 5am and just the way I like it. A sip or two of coffee. A smile again at this simple pleasure.

With my coffee by my side, I begin my morning ritual. As a people person that works from home, there is no guilt as I wake my phone up. The need to connect with people is stronger than the need for my solitude. I enjoy solitude all day long. There are other morning people out in cyberspace that are just like me.

This I know because some of my most in-depth conversations happen at this early hour.

We all long for a connection and as long as we use our social media timelines and chatrooms in a meaningful way to connect, there is nothing to feel guilty about. We enjoy diving in a little deeper to a post that we put up and someone commented on. We enjoy the diverse conversations that can happen so early in the morning. So many articles tell us to not do this first thing in the morning and say that we should connect with ourselves first, without the internet. That does not feel nature to me. I long for this ritual that has been a part of me for many mornings now.

Some of us don’t have coworkers or family or a significant other to reach out to on a regular basis so we use what we have at our disposal at a time that is convenient for us. Many of us don’t live with another morning person that likes to dig deep into a conversation before the sun lifts itself into the sky. This is why I do not feel the tiny least bit of guilt for my morning ritual.

Yes, it can be a bit tricky to find these people to connect with but once you do, it soothes my soul. It makes my heart smile when I see others reaching out to me in the wee hours of the morning. We sit with our coffees, in the comfort of our own homes and discuss. Open minded, open-hearted and vulnerable conversations.

Hi, my name is Debbi and I am a morning person that likes to connect with others. And I feel no guilt for this.


Author: Debbi Serafinchon

Photo: Pexels

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