March 21, 2016

Creating Moments of Bliss.

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For every ounce of hardship, sacrifice or heartfelt pain that we inexplicably endure throughout our lives, there are those rare, eternal moments when we can simply sink down within ourselves, take a deep, relaxing breath and enjoy those splendid rays of bliss—redeeming moments of ultimate satisfaction and genuine delight.

Easily taken for granted in the past and foolishly believing it would last, my smile still widens nonetheless, and through my glazed and weary eyes, the world glistens. Wisdom has taught me to appreciate these times, express my gratitude and just let it flow.

What spurs such emotional surges of elation—of bliss?

Perhaps it’s born from the thousands of hours we’ve so fervently devoted to our craft and the relentless servitude burning a searing hole in our soul’s heart. Maybe it’s that break we finally caught or the promotion we know we’ve longed for and truly deserve.

No matter how impossible some of these aspirations have seemed, I persisted; sacrificing more than I imagine the average person might be willing to do. I endured extreme duress and mental torment while navigating the sea of emotions that cascaded forth, into the light of day. Shimmering tears and a soothing inner voice reassured me that by morning, I’d feel rejuvenated.

So I could bask in a few moments of bittersweet bliss…

An underlying belief continued motivating me to push through the difficult times and strive for something—anything that offered that glimmer of hope and abiding fulfillment; every precious moment of fleeting bliss. I slowly learned to embrace obscurity and shed layers of my ego that brazenly held onto lavish ideas and distractions that simply did not resonate with my being.

Surely an original state of denial…

Slowly getting over personal shame and guilt, I began forgiving others, including the harder task of forgiving my own mishaps in life; learning to love my authentic-self. Mending ways, severing unsuitable relationships and embracing the necessity of burning bridges, I freed myself from torment, liberating my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so I could freely express my own, unique nature without attachment to external judgment or projections.

Releasing preconceived notions and trusting the good I now know has remained ever-flickering in the caverns of my soul are what have kept my spirits alive—the sunshine of my life peering through the cracks of what was once, a lonely, dark facade…another glimpse of bliss.

Opening like a blossoming lotus and soaking up the plentiful earthly and cosmic energy that’s ceaselessly flowing through us allowed my creative energy to flow unobstructed. Spending more time grounding myself in Nature, Mother taught me to get out of my own way; exploring new and radical approaches to confronting this life with more grace and ease.

Creating new moments of healthy bliss…

Many tears, many cold and lonesome nights I still wandered aimlessly–gazing up at the moon, wishing for a miracle or a sign. Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that when we’re faced with odds of which we have no reliable or certain stance or answer to, do nothing.

Opening up to the barely perceptible subconscious within; that sweet, innocent child who has been whispering to me all along was finally gaining its recognition.

We’re never apart or separate from our higher self—that reassuring, blissful inner voice.

There’s no measure to fully understanding or contemplating the millions of emotions and thoughts we’ll inevitably experience while here—sewn into the fabric of our existence. That wonder, awe and confusion; preserved for eternity knowing that ego dies when we finally part ways with our physical body. Our eternal nature, that inner child however, remaining ever-intact.

Inviting the opportunity to revel in bliss…

It’s time for me to answer this calling and my gifts. I go now, into the unknown; bravery and courage, my sword and shield. May we all summon the courage to act and know when to bow.

May we revere what is sacred and innate–never losing sight for too long of what we were so carefully meant to be and do once we choose to answer to our higher power.

Despite all that—that which now lies in the illusory past, I cherish this wonderfully delicate moment of bliss.



Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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