March 25, 2016

For the Love of Lemons.


I squeeze half a lemon into my favorite chipped “Happy Birthday” coffee mug that I found on a garage sale for 25 cents.

I mix a few shakes of cayenne pepper and cinnamon into the steaming hot liquid, and add a dab or two of Okoboji local honey to sweeten my favorite concoction up. I bring the deliciousness to my lips and steadily drink the mug down, enjoying the feeling of warmth beginning to radiate from within.

Every morning I drink a cup of this hot lemon water on an empty stomach. Since starting this ritual, I am sick less often, start my day on a more positive note, and have less water retention. I love it so much that I even carry lemons with me when I travel!

Hosting multiple benefits, this lemon water covers all of the bases. Lemons assist in neutralizing the pH balance in your body and are naturally detoxifying; cayenne pepper aids in circulation, digestion, and boosting your metabolism; and cinnamon and honey help to boost your immune system.

This is an act of self-care that I won’t be giving up on.

Try it out, put a (lemon) twist on your morning routine, and kick-start your day with the gift of lemon water.


Author: Leah Wallin

Apprentice Editor: Bere Blissenbach

Image: Leah Wallin


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