March 17, 2016

I Won’t Give Up On You.

"Rock handoff", J N, Flickr commons

A number of years ago my son couldn’t afford a Mother’s Day gift. He was devastated. A short time later that day, he sent me this video.

He had been going through a number of changes in his life. I had pulled the rug out from under his feet. I had forced him into some pretty drastic changes. But here he was sending me this.

He told me that no matter how tough I got with him, he knew I had his back. He told me this song reminded him of my support for him—no matter how painful it seemed at the time.

Wouldn’t we all benefit from knowing that the ones we love, loved us enough to pull the rug out from under us to put us on the right path. That they would stop at nothing to see us succeed. Even if that means, dragging us kicking and screaming through the fires.

To know that they are right there beside us; braving the fires with them.

I can’t listen to this song without tears. Tears of how proud I am of him and myself as a mother for doing what needed to be done because I won’t give up on him.


Author/Editor: Debbi Serafinchon

Photo: “Rock handoff”, J N, Flickr commons

Video: Youtube

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