March 14, 2016

Sex is My Religion. {Adult}

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“I promise to honor and cherish you in the only way I know how, with paralyzing sex and Shakespearean love.” ~ Jonny Ox


In order to kiss the hand of God, I simply prefer to be on my knees, worshiping at the altar of an awakened man whose hands are tangled within my soft long hair.

I am not talking about parading men through my bedroom door more rapidly than the local drive thru—but I am talking about the kind of worship that will let me rip open a man’s soul and leave him shaking.

While I am spiritual and do pray to the divine powers that be—sex is my religion.

It’s the doctrine of physically connecting with someone that I would rather spend my time learning about, rather than reading through dusty pages written by someone who wanted other people to think in a way they think is best.

Because reading a man’s skin with my lips and tongue—travelling over his tempting valleys and along his succulent plains—is the only pilgrimage that I want to spend time on.

When we truly get down to it, connecting sexually with someone can be the highest form of spiritual energy that we can create. Sex as a religion transcends even soul f*cking, because in that state, it’s not just about the physical connectedness, but it’s also about the emotional, mental and energetic connections as well.

This isn’t about getting off—it’s about “getting on” and experiencing every level of awareness that is possible to explore with another person.

We desire to connect in a physical and intimate way—our bodies were designed not just for reproduction, but for pleasure.

It’s through that desire, and the merging vitality of the chakra points with another, that we can raise our own level of consciousness by expanding our energy fields and enhancing our spiritual growth to the next level.

With the right partner, sex doesn’t just begin or end in penetration, but it provides a vessel for exploration, sensuality and reflection, which can inspire us to reach beyond our walls and create reality out of our softly laden dreams.

My body is a temple, and therefore—I do not let just anyone explore my majestic hallways. Because I know that to be able to truly connect with me, a man needs to appreciate all the non-physical aspects of me first.

He needs to open my mind and caress its corners, inviting my shadows to come out and play with his.

A man who won’t look away from the faded scars or those still pink and tender, but will instead kiss those marks, nourishing them with his own magnetic energy.

The lover who wishes to just simply f*ck, won’t be able to crack open my heart long enough to truly let me know that I am safe with him—therefore , he simply wouldn’t be able to experience the awakened lover that I truly am.

Like any religion, there are various ways to practice—yet only those who are devoted will keep returning, knowing that while there are others available, no other can connect in specifically the same way.

It’s the attraction of energy that plays the largest part in this type of sex—the electrifying energy that creates sparks within a room and tunnel vision between two souls who recognize each other based upon the vibrations that they alone emit.

The first step to using sexual exploration as a way to heighten our spirituality is to recognize that not everyone we are attracted to is someone we should merge with physically.

If we can understand that there are three different levels to attraction, we might better understand what types of intimacy we experience with others.

With just physical attraction, the sex would—in vibrational terms—be very low, even if pleasure was experienced because there was no other connection present beyond the obvious.

When we are mentally attracted to someone, sometimes that alone draws us to them, not their physicality. While this is still a higher level of awareness, it will often lack the sparks created from an experience of touching and tasting another, that can excite in our very primal senses.

In an attraction of energies from one person to another, the experience of sex is vastly different.

Energy heightens all of our senses—we will be able to feel our partner’s skin rhythmically pulsing underneath our fingertips or their legs shaking as we are exchanging vibrations. Most often, those that we connect to in this way will also have a physical and mental attraction present, which is why it is the most powerful. Because when we connect with someone’s very energy core, then we have the ability to actually grow as individuals from the type of deep awareness sex that we will become capable of experiencing.

That is why I am so selective about exactly who I merge my energies with, because I’m not just after an orgasm—I’m after an experience that will leave my skin shivering for days with the memories of his fingertips and mouth.

I want to feel my body ripple underneath my partner’s hands and hear him gasp in pleasure from just the feel of my skin against his.

Looking deep into my eyes—and not needing to look away out of fear—will let our souls exchange a kiss long before our lips actually touch.

It’s the experience of coming together out of honesty and letting our masks drop to the floor.

Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/en/statue-tantra-sculpture-asia-art-388896/

When I do straddle this man and wrap my long legs around his torso, letting our chakra points come into alignment, as I move my hips against his—the explosion of energy we will create will be enough to bring the house down around us.

While I know this man will think I am an amazing caring woman—and the sight of my body will do things to his mind he has no control over—it’s the aura of the undefinable that will truly connect us.

This is about our energies recognizing something in one another long before our eyes do—which is why I will continually worship this man, his delicious body and his soul in every way that I can think of.

Because he will be the only one to truly see me—even with his eyes closed.




Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photos: Flickr/Shan Sheehan; Pixabay

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