March 17, 2016

She Was the Ocean. {Poem}

girl skull art watercolor

She was the ocean.

Her skin tasted of salt water,
tears that had fallen of a broken
and the most heart-filled laughter—
neither more sad, nor happier,
both pouring of honesty.

In her kiss was the whisper of a Siren.
Her hair tangled like waves
cascading down her back,
pooling at her sides as she slept face down—
the gentle rise of her breath
could be seen in her back
like the curve of a ship’s sail,
that same ebb and flow
as pulled gracefully by the moon.

She was a force that couldn’t be seen or heard;
undeniably powerful
yet illusive.

She was a mystery, the same
as the depths
of the sea
held dances of lost ships,
tribes of creatures
and tales of drowned loves,
adventures never detailed.

She clung to you like
sand in the crevices of your being,
lasting, but not enough to collect as your own.
She was the dream of escape,
of vastness,
of freedom.

Look into her eyes and you look to where the sea
disappeared into the sky,
and listen closely enough
and her heart didn’t simply beat,
but roared as only water can.

She was the ocean,
a wonder—
and in her mystery
your own desires fell humble,
at her shores.



I Want to Love You. {Poem}

Author: Tiffany Anderson

Apprentice Editor: Bere Blissenbach; Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image:  ElizabethHudy/Flickr

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