March 9, 2016

The Power of Touch. {Adult Poem}

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Warning: Some explicit language below!


We are all hungry and thirsty to touch and be touched.

Touching is the sublime form of self-expression. It gives shape to our humanity and power to our individuality.

Instead of celebrating our human flesh and bones, which are no more or less than the expression of our soul’s dance, we try to deny, push away, hide or ignore the pleasures of life and being who we are.

We may not have learned to respect and embrace all that we are inside and out—or to express freely, with grace and individuality, all those pleasures we embark on alone or with a partner. Life will eventually push us out of our comfort zone to find our own truths.

Touching is a symbol of love, contrary to what we are taught to believe. It is a form of self-loving, no matter how dirty, ugly or inappropriate it may sound to our rational logical mind. The truth is we all long to be touched in those places no one has ever reached. In those places no one else has ever been able to enter.

It is our own responsibility to touch ourselves more, to hug our skin and celebrate our flesh—curves, lines, flaws and all—because this will satisfy the hunger and thirst deep inside that we never thought we had.

Let’s bring more awareness to our lives, bodies, thoughts, fantasies, feelings and emotions. Let’s celebrate it all with acceptance, respect and love.

Touch yourself,
in those places
no one has ever been able to reach,
nor satisfy a deep hunger within your flesh and bones.

Touch yourself,
when the world is sleeping,
and you are alone with your own skin under the sheets.

Touch yourself,
activating all your senses,
to satisfy those pleasure spots,
that nourish your entire being,
because no one has ever done that to you—
in fact, only you can gift yourself with the power of touch.

Touch your skin,
caress your belly,
your thighs,
the underlying explosion that you are;
bring to life those parts inside your flesh and soul
that want to be seen and touched,
that want to be nourished
and free!

Feel the sexiness in your nakedness,
touch it with both your hands;
no one has ever taught you
how to do this—
you’ve got to learn it for yourself.

Touch yourself even more,
or ‘’fuck’’ it all if you wish,
just take that wild you out of the cage,
give her/him freedom
to nourish those parts of you
no one can ever reach, but you.


Author: Ilda Dashi

Apprentice Editor: Julie Barr / Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pixabay


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Read 4 comments and reply

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