March 15, 2016

We are Never Just Ordinary People.

Jonathan Pendleton/Unsplash

Many of us struggle to reach our true potential, largely due to the fact we under estimate just what that is.

We feel we might just be too ordinary to achieve great things, yet even those that reach great heights begin as just ordinary people. The difference is they realise their potential, the potential that is within all of us because no-one is really just ordinary.

I speak to many beautiful and talented people who have no idea how great they can be. This is hardly surprising when we look at the expectations placed on us and the ideals we are presented with at just about every turn. The media in particular can leave us feeling like we’re falling short. But we also have a role to play. Many of us are guilty of falling short of our own unrealistic expectations of ourselves or lacking the belief that we are extraordinary.

In our modern world, we seem to have the ability to juggle many balls in the air; holding down stressful jobs whilst going for promotions, bringing up kids, looking after ailing parents, feeding the family, remembering the birthdays, doing the shopping, booking the holidays and cleaning out the rabbit cage! Not to mention having to be beautiful, healthy, happy and humorous at the same time—it’s no wonder we are left feeling like there’s no time for us or that we might be on the verge of letting one of those balls drop.

I spent many years doubting myself and settling for ordinary. Comparing myself to those more successful and feeling like I could never be part of that gang. I was stuck in a job I disliked and a relationship that I’d outgrown, but I didn’t know what else I could do or how I could set about changing things. I was frozen by fear of making a change, of not knowing, of making the wrong choice. What if this was as good as it got, what if I ended up with nothing, what if I’m just not good enough for these crazy dreams that live inside my head and my heart?

But over the years I took small steps towards my goals and changed my life to revolve around my passions and live authentically. I stepped out of the shadows and followed my heart to find all those extraordinary things I had never thought I was capable of.

How can we reach our true potential? How do we convince ourselves that we’re capable of not falling short, and that we are destined for more than ordinary?

We need to know what we want and never allow anyone to tell us that we won’t make it. Know that there is an infinite power that lies within that makes anything possible. Every ordinary person has extraordinary potential—especially you!

Yes things can get tough and sometimes we fail, never forget how much you achieve. We are capable of more than we know, but to tap into this we must believe it is possible and back ourselves.

Don’t be disheartened if life is not perfect in every area, we are human. No-one is perfect, so stop trying to be. Someone loves us just the way we are, so stop trying to be someone else. Remember beauty does not lie in what can be seen, it is in our vulnerability, our courage and our authenticity. When we are comfortable in our own skin, our beauty radiates.

Stop hating what you’re not and start loving all that you are. We’re always worthy. Those ideals we aspire to (the ones in magazines or in social media), are not real. It’s a version of imperfection that is impossible to achieve. We need to stop beating ourselves up for falling short of the impossible, stop comparing ourselves to something that doesn’t exist, and realise we’re already perfect because we are us.

What we think, we become. Be careful of your mind. Steer clear of negativity, and choose those you hang around with carefully. Also, take time out for yourself. This is key to keeping us at our best and aiding in achieving everything we dreamed. We so often over-estimate what we can do in a single day, yet under-estimate what we can do in an entire lifetime.

It’s ok to feel fear, just don’t let it stop you. It’s ok to fail, as long as we get back up. Our struggles make us who we are, and even those who seem to have perfect lives have struggled, Those we admire and respect are where they are because of the struggles they’ve overcome. Remember how far you’ve come and always celebrate your successes.

Never stop dreaming and don’t put limits on what we can achieve. I wish you all knew how beautiful you are and just what extraordinary things you’re capable of.


Author: Jess Stuart

Apprentice Editor: Leah Wallin / Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Jonathan Pendleton/Unsplash

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