March 3, 2016

What We Can Do to Help the World.


It is a sad fact that with all the things happening in the world, all the social media shares about various unacceptable practices and intolerable cruelty, people still just don’t get it.

The planet is in dire need of help. Actually I should say our world is in dire need of help. On so many different fronts human beings are making choices which seriously impact the environment and other creatures with which we share this world. Whether it is our consumption of meat and other animal products, our use of plastics and other environmentally unfriendly products, or supporting other practices which result in the destruction of life or habitat, there is an immediate need to change the way we live.

I, like many others, have made personal choices which affect the way I live my life. I don’t eat meat, I use non-disposable shopping bags, I grow some of my own fruit and vegetables and share them, and I remain conscious of the products I buy as often as I can to ensure that I am purchasing items which have a reduced impact on the state of the planet.
So, where does the problem with humanity lie at this point in time?

I believe that one of the biggest issues, one of the biggest stumbling blocks, is greed. No, I am not just pointing at multinational organisations or big business. I am pointing at you as well. The fact is, to create a better world we need to make sacrifices in our lifestyles and make choices which will impact our daily lives.

This may seem difficult to many of us.

All too often I hear people comment on various things related to lifestyle. These comments include, “I can’t stop eating meat,” or “I can’t walk instead of use the car.” Some may say that these are legitimate excuses, but I would disagree and I would remove the word legitimate and just leave excuses.

It is so easy for people to find a reason not to do something, when the greatest incentive to act is staring them in the eye; the thought of not having a world to live in. What more can you want than that? We have just one world and we share it with all of life.

Together we are an intricately woven web which spans the globe to maintain a healthy mix of diverse species and plants which all play a role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Despite all the science, we have not found another world in the vast cosmos, so this it, our only hope.

What do we need to do?

It is really quite simple.

Each and every one of us needs to stop being selfish. Each and every one of us needs to stop making excuses. Instead of telling us what you can’t do, start looking at what you can do, what things you can implement. These can be big life changing things or they can be small steps.

If you are not able to stop eating meat or using dairy products all together, then use them less frequently. Look at food options which contain environmentally friendly products or use sustainable practices.

Catch a train to work one day a week or walk to the shop on a weekend instead of driving the car, so you can save the environment, get fit, and hear the birds sing. Say no to plastic shopping bags, and use your own carry bag. Even something as simple as encouraging people who are championing causes you agree with, and sending emails to companies or political organisations which express your concerns can help, and with today’s technology can be done while you sit and have a coffee.

So I ask you all to consider not yourself, but others. I ask you to look at what you can do, not what you can’t and most of all, I ask you to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. As a society we must become more aware of what is happening in the world and we must be more responsible in what we do.

Let’s dare to change the world.


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Author: Mark Jones

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Juanjo Zanabria Masaveu

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