March 31, 2016

You’ve Got This, Gorgeous & Other Reminders when Life Gets You Down.

Painting Creative Woman Girl Georgia_O'Keeffe_by_Stieglitz,_1918

I know you are feeling down today, disconnected and off balance.

It’s your own fault, you know. You took a risk, and it didn’t work out. You chose to believe in someone who wasn’t yet ready to earn that trust. You have done this your whole life, and you would think that you’d have learned by now to be more cautious, to lock up your heart so that it can’t be hurt.

But you never learn that, do you? Time and again, you put yourself out there in friendships, in projects, and in love, exposing your soft parts and handing others a dagger, trusting, ever trusting that they won’t use it. But sometimes they do.

Still, you never stop baring and trusting. And I love that about you.

You never pretend to be someone you’re not so that you can keep a distance from others through an artificial mask. You know your brand of candor and kindness isn’t for everyone, but you know that it’s perfect for the ones who matter.

When you decide to do something, you go all in, not because you want others to appreciate you, but because you can never compromise who you are. There is no gray area with you when it comes to your commitment. That is not a weakness; it’s one of your greatest strengths. You could never become fully awakened if you allow yourself to live life half asleep.

You weren’t meant for plastic glitter or phony sparkles because your shine from the inside is brighter and more brilliant than anything you could ever contrive. You’ve spent years letting bumps and bruises and cuts toughen your resolve to be authentically you.

You’ve been punched in the gut by life and picked yourself up, facing it nose-to-nose with a determination to love it, and love yourself, even more. When things get tough, you shout, “Bring it on!” knowing that, even though there might be pain, you’d rather risk it all than allow yourself to be defeated.

And you love.

You love fiercely. You aren’t afraid to stand up for others, or to kneel in humility when you’ve messed up and need forgiveness. You see the beauty in others, and you make them want to bare it. You expect miracles, and you often get them. And, in turn, you become more beautiful to the world.

You may be hurting now, but you live, and you love out loud, with everything you’ve got. Never stop that. Never become hardened or jaded by life. That’s simply not who you are.

Get back up and do your thing like only you can do. You were born to do this, and the stars and the moon are holding their breath, waiting for your glow to light the universe.

Life is waiting for you, gorgeous. You’re the one you’ve been waiting for.


Author: Amanda Christmann

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Alfred Stieglitz/Wikimedia Commons 

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Anne Collini Apr 8, 2016 6:15am

Wow, you can see into our hearts. Wonderful affirmation! Thanks so much!!

Preity Apr 5, 2016 5:12pm

My Guardian Angel always finds a way to speak to me…even when I’m down in dumps and ignoring his messages with shut ears ! Thank you for bringing this to me at exact right moment.

Jennifer Apr 5, 2016 9:03am

Thank you <3

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Amanda Christmann

Amanda Christmann is a freelance writer and editor who loves good words, good wine and good times with friends and family. She travels the world as a human rights advocate and activist, particularly on issues that involve human trafficking and women’s empowerment. She is an avid cyclist and runs with scissors, whenever possible. In addition to elephant journal, her work has been featured by Women For One, Tattooed Buddha and ImagesAZ magazine, among other publications. Connect with Amanda via her Facebook page.