April 4, 2016

Astrological Guidance: Fact versus Fiction.

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*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

Last year, on The History Channel show,The Universe, I engaged in a debate with skeptical astronomers regarding the validity of astrology.

I was a bit shocked to find myself agreeing with many of the points that these astronomers presented to debunk astrology (something I know is 100% valid)!

It was then that I was struck with an urgent realization: Not enough people understand what astrology really is, how it’s evolving and how to use it. This bums me out big time!

After the TV show aired, it became apparent to me that I needed to speak out more about the many fictions harbored by skeptics and believers in astrology alike.

Not only that, I also needed to teach some of the new facts about it. These are facts that I’ve sourced from the thousands of intuitive-astrological readings that I’ve done over the past 24 years. I felt a strong call to answer questions like:

Is astrology just superstition?
Can we really use it to determine relationship compatibility?
How does astrology really work and why?
Is it a science?
Why should we give a sh*t about it at all?

I became intrigued by astrology at the age of 19. Motivated by a need to understand my childhood wounding, emerging psychic abilities and life’s purpose, I found myself drawn to the study of astrology and seemed to have a natural and immediate affinity toward it.

This curious study quickly became a passion that opened me to a metaphysical understanding of the human psyche, the soul and the way our destinies unfold through archetypal cycles of time.

Before I knew it, my passion turned into my life’s calling and eventually, I found myself becoming well known through radio and TV for my revolutionary new take on astrology. My perspective has convinced many a skeptic, while also completely redefining what astrology even is.

My work has taught me that astrology—when used in the right way—empowers us with the one thing that can make us an x-factor of destiny: conscious choice.

It seems ironic that in being able to intuitively perceive the fate that is revealed through one’s birth chart, we’d be more empowered to harness our free will, but yet this paradox is true.

Unfortunately, both non-believers and many users of astrology never get this chance because they don’t realize that the astrology we most commonly relate to is not the astrology of the co-creator, rather the astrology of the superstitious victim who is bound to a medieval understanding of its use. And sadly, many of today’s astrologers continue to dupe us.

The astrology most of us believe in and use today (if we believe in at all) is an astrology from the medieval era. In this astrology, planetary movements cause things to happen and everyone is often stereotypically defined by their Sun Sign or birth chart. Under this school of thought, we consult astrologers with questions about how life is going to happen to us and when versus how we are destined to happen to life.

It turns out our modern astrology isn’t so modern, as it has us approaching life as victims of fate versus participants of destiny, with little mooring in a deeper understanding of how the Universe works within an archetypal, intuitive and quantum framework.

This is a framework that we can perhaps best first understand through Carl Jung’s prolific work with Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious. Through his work, Jung stumbled upon a psychic law which he identified and named as synchronicity. Jung realized that many events in our lives occur in tandem with the processes of our psyche, and that our individual psyche is interconnected with the collective psyche of the world, which he called the collective unconscious.

Thus, synchronicity stems from our psyche’s interrelationship with the Universe and the laws of creation, but not as a causal factor, rather as a mirror.

And as it now turns out, Quantum Physics is scientifically proving what Carl Jung had intuited decades ago:

Synchronicity is a real phenomenon in which consciousness and events parallel each other.

This understanding not only concurs with my own intuitive work with astrology, but it also necessitates a complete reinvention of the astrological model, transforming this intuitive tool from a 2D map of Fate to a Multi-D Hologram of Destiny.

It’s time to rebirth astrology out of the medieval age into the new quantum, archetypal and intuitive age. And to help move us along from an old school use of astrology to one suited for the co-creator, I introduce the concept of Soul Contract Astrology.

Let’s break this down:

Soul Contracts are the agreements our souls have made with the Universe prior to our human birth. I can intuitively read these agreements in folks, and while my skill set may be unique, the idea of having Soul Contracts is not new.

The Greeks, namely Plato, had intuited their existence long ago as evidenced in his book, The Republic. Here, Plato shares his Myth of Er—a story about a soldier who has a near death experience and then witnesses the journey of the soul as it cycles back to the Fates to be assigned a new lifetime (Soul Contract).

Moving from Plato’s work to the present day, from my experience I can tell you that Soul Contracts are very real. We all have them and I’ve intuitively read thousands.

But for the purposes of this article let’s look at the most obvious agreement our souls have made: to incarnate for a lifetime on planet Earth at a certain time and place, within a certain culture and family, within a certain body and within a certain timing of destiny’s development! And this is where Soul Contracts merge with Astrology—hence my creation of Soul Contract Astrology.

Through this new approach to astrology, let’s finally look at a few common fictions and the facts that I feel both skeptics and believers alike should consider.

This will also teach you more about Soul Contract Astrology.

Fiction: The Movement of the Planets cause things to happen.

Fact: The Planets don’t cause anything to happen. This has been adequately proven by astronomy and science, rendering this thinking superstitious. However, per the phenomenon of synchronicity, planetary movement mirrors an inner and outer interconnected archetypal process as it unfolds through cycles of time here on planet Earth.

The ancients established this psychic link of planets symbolizing the timing of energetic archetypal cycles by documenting over thousands of years the synchronistic correlation of life events occurring in tandem with planetary movements.

In doing so, a truth was revealed: this Solar System is a living energy pattern itself! Thus, to be alive on planet Earth is to be bound to this energetic matrix that evolves via archetypal cycles of time which are mirrored precisely by planetary movements.

Just as the hand on a clock doesn’t cause time to happen, rather marking time, so do the Planets mark the timing of the Earth’s creative processes and what I call your Soul’s Schedule. Our Souls have agreed to fuse to the timing and fate of these archetypal cycles as a co-creative journey of evolving our consciousness. Think about it, there already were patterns and cycles co-creating reality before we were born. Our Souls just incarnated into them. And though I myself will often use causative language when speaking about planetary cycles because it’s easier to illustrate their synchronicity, they do not cause anything to happen.

Fiction: Your Sun Sign is what you are innately and describes your personality most, and you are also further defined by your birth chart.

Fact: In Western Astrology, your Sun Sign is determined by where the Sun was in terms of the degree of the Zodiac Sign on the day you were born within the Gregorian Calendar as it relates to the four seasons, not the actual constellations—i.e. August 12th = Sun in Leo, or March 14th = Sun in Pisces, etc.

Many astrology books list these dates and then describe the Sun Signs through a list of various adjectives that apparently describe what we innately are. I call this Stereotypical Astrology. And frankly, it’s complete bullsh*t. What the Sun Sign does symbolize is the primary coordinating archetypal pattern of destiny that your soul signed up to work with in this lifetime.

Furthermore, what you may find is that life tends to constellate various circumstances and situations that cause you to develop the various qualities of a certain Sun Sign to fulfill your Soul Contract.

For example, someone with a Sun in Cancer would need to learn the deeper meaning of what family means to them, perhaps how to be at ‘home’ in the world by learning how to self-parent—in spite of childhood abandonment or abuse. They may have to redefine what ‘tribe’ means in a society and culture that rejects them, how to find emotional reasons for living and connecting and so on. Ultimately, they must learn how to establish new resilient terms of safety and security within the Archetype of Home, in a world where they feel homeless.

These are just a few examples of many developmental clauses of the Cancerian Soul Contract that become essential as a support to the Destiny they’ve signed up to fulfill. What’s more, though the Sun is a coordinating and dominant force, it’s not the only player in your Soul Contract (Birth Chart).

Everyone’s Soul Contract is unique, but not only in the structure of their individual birth charts (which is based on the exact time, date, and place of birth), but also with regard to the consciousness (soul) that’s signed up to work within the archetypal architecture. I’ve done many readings on twins in my career and the souls animating each birth chart (which were identical) used the chart’s patterns completely differently.

The disservice we do with the stereotyping of each other via Sun Signs is astounding to me. It’s an astrological fiction that plain breaks my heart. Not to mention the myopia of just looking at the birth chart as a field guide to defining someone.

Astrology is best used to reveal ourselves and our destinies versus defining and confining each other via flat fated adjectives. While astrology does indeed reveal the fated weather patterns of “Earth School,” it also reveals the possible destiny of the soul that chooses to work with those patterns. How will someone work with that weather? Only an intuitive reading of a chart can answer that as one must psychically connect with the soul that chose that birth chart to get that download!

Fiction: You can use someone’s Sun Sign to determine compatibility.

Fact: You cannot not use the Sun Sign alone to determine compatibility—if at all—to be honest with you. Building off of the previous facts about Sun Signs, we can glean that there is far more going on when it comes to compatibility than using a defensive ego strategy to avoid Scorpios because they are emotionally intense, controlling, and may betray us (all stereotypes might I add).

If you have a Soul Contract to date or be with a Scorpio, it’s going to happen and you won’t be able to help yourself! That said, we perhaps need to evaluate what we even mean by compatibility. Is this simply a code word on how to defend against the vulnerability all intimacy summons while creating the illusion of emotional guarantees in relationships? (I see a lot of folks using astrology this way!) Or is it about a soulful sense of a matching destiny and development we have with someone to evolve our capacity to love and be loved?

If the latter, perhaps what can be revealed in terms of compatibility when it comes to Sun Signs is whether another’s development is bound to our own on an archetypal level and what that might look like from a Soul Contract point of view.

For example, if I am in relationship with a Scorpio, do I understand that I’m relating to someone who has forged a destiny to learn emotional alchemy within their toxic family legacy and develop enough compassion to embrace the shadow side of life?

And if I do, can I ask the courageous question of how am I called to be in relationship to that? Because the Sun Sign speaks to the development in someone you’ll be relating to more than anything else, and furthermore your Soul’s Agreement to help that along and learn from them.

In closing, there aren’t enough words I can write that could ever convey the love I have for astrology and the profound impact it’s had on my journey of transforming fate into destiny.

I’m absolutely certain that if we become more willing to leave behind old astrological fictions and embrace the new emerging facts, we can then use astrology as an ally in becoming the powerful co-creators we have the potential to be.

The only thing more powerful than coming to know the purpose for which we are born is learning the instructions on how to fulfill it. Soul Contract Astrology offers both. I hope you’ll take a look!




Author: Robert Ohotto

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Pixabay // Flickr

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