April 7, 2016

She Found Love in His Wild. {Poem}

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Meet her there,

In the hot flames bubbling under your skin, the ones that dance like paper in the wind.

Meet her there,

In the blistering well of uncertainty that thrashes through your heart, like choppy ocean waves.

Meet her there,

In the thick, cryptic shadows where you hide your tears and fears and wildest, vividest dreams.


She won’t be scared

She won’t back away

She won’t turn away

She will be enthralled beyond belief.


Let her dive into the quivering depths of your vast, inky waters,

She’s a mermaid; she is not afraid to dive deep.

She will swim in the cracks of your fear and grow like a lush vine in the fractures of your weathered brokenness.

She will find love in your wild and fascination in your fire,

And she will be enthralled beyond belief.


Let her dig around in the garden of your being,

Let her touch the weeping tornadoes of your truth,

Let her kiss the trembling parts of you

That are just about

To bloom.

Let the soft warmth of her fingertips draw shivers up and down your spine,

Let her quiet fierceness peel away your bullsh*t.

She is dangerous because she’s real,

But your heart is safe with her.


She will meet you there,

In the fresh, lapping waters of ecstasy

In the blackest nights of gut-wrenching despair

She will meet you

In pain, in joy, in truth

She will meet you gently

In the present moment,

The only place

Where love

Can bloom.


Let her in your heart, don’t lock her out

Let her smile be the key that opens you.

Look at her

Don’t stop looking at her until all veils of pretense dissolve like dust into the ether,

Until it’s just you and nakedness and truth.

Don’t stop looking at her until

Your souls collide like particles crashing together in outer space,

Pupils dilated, skin pulsing, ruby galaxies appearing out of thin air—

Your throbbing hearts, basking in the sublime rawness

Of the present moment,

The only place where love can bloom.


Stop dulling yourself down, sweet wild man,

She doesn’t want your flimsy mask;

She wants you—

Your scars, your truth, your passion, your broken bits, your roarin’ wild warrior wings.

She wants to sail the seven seas of your heart, going deeper, looking further

Following a map drawn with kisses, unearthing secrets,

Reading you like the fascinating story you are.


This is no forgettable, half-hearted love—it is no joke.

This is real magic.

A love like this

Changes everything

It leaves no cell of your heart untouched.

Open to it—

This is what we live for,

The kind of love we dream about.

When you’re ready, she will undoubtedly appear.


Let her in—she knows exactly how to cherish a man like you.

She will not try to tame your wild, or silence the thirsty shouts of your truth-seeking soul

For she lives in the swirling epicenter of that same hungry wildness, she lives to break free, she breathes to burn brightly.

And together

You will run free


Together, hand in hand, souls nuzzled close, wind dancing madly through your hair


Weaving poetry with your bodies


Setting blazing fire to ruby skies


In the present moment

The only place

Where love can bloom.

Your heart is safe

With her.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: NomiZ25/Deviant Art 


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