April 16, 2016

The Answers to the Universe are Within Us.



“We are all connected to each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, anatomically.” ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson


**Update: The Orionid meteor shower appears tonight, brightening the sky around the world!


We often hear the term, “The answers are all within,” yet we don’t always know exactly what that means, or how to locate the answers.

If the answers are inside us, then why don’t we automatically know what they are and why do we put ourselves through so much just to uncover what exists already!?

It seems bewildering and nonsensical.

But, when we look at it another way, it makes absolute sense.

We are human beings. We appear as physical entities. Yet, we are all made up of spinning, vibrating energy—energy that cannot be created nor destroyed.

Therefore, we have always existed in some form and we always will.

We have had and we will have many different experiences in the universe and as we journey through each one we learn vast amounts of knowledge.

In this current life we are here for a human experience and in being here we put ourselves through a variety of challenges so that we can unearth and affirm what we already know at some very deep level.

However, we haven’t always been here in this exact form. To experience our existence as a “human being” under the conditions we were born into, the people we meet and the places we visit, we are constantly altering and heightening our understanding of the knowledge we already had and our perception of it. This is also known as gaining awareness.

The more our mind opens, the more our awareness enhances…

We then achieve a far greater vision and higher understanding of not just ourselves, or other human beings, or the planet we exist on, but of the universe as a whole and beyond!

Which, ultimately comes back to a profound understanding that, “We are the Universe!”

We are all made up of stardust, asteroids and comets. We consist of an almost unthinkable and unimaginable amount and variety of gases, minerals and metals, such as calcium, copper, hydrogen, nitrogen, iron and more. The universe delivered everything we needed for our evolution.

Meteor showers cause 40,000 tons of cosmic dust to land on Earth’s surface every year. This dazzling sprinkling of dust is remnants left over from the formation of the solar system and they are the biggest contributor to Earth’s mass. This dust consists of carbon, iron and nickel and we constantly inhale and absorb it.

Our Earthly body is as old as the universe itself.

We are connected to everyone and everything. We are all part of the same energy.

We are both electric and we are magnetic. We radiate, attract and we repel.

We pull towards us experiences that we need and we push ones away from us that we are not yet ready to receive or that we do not need during this lifetime.

Every single minute detail that unravels offers us within our soul an “aha” moment as we unveil more.

It happens every time we realize we have found someone, something or somewhere that we recognize and that we relate to, resonate with, that has meaning to us, and that absolutely “matters.”

We may brush things off as coincidences, but they are not. They are all synchronicities. Little signs and signals that can guide us and light up our way. If only we place our trust in them.

We are constantly learning and the more we open up to it, the more we see that everything is already a part of us. We already know all of it, but we are seeking a greater understanding.

Fragments are placed everywhere and anywhere to remind us…. There are expressions of the ultimate truth within and all around us. If we will only have enough faith to open ourselves up and fully believe.

The next time you stare up at the sky, wondering how and where it all began, take another look at yourself. You already hold all of the answers… You always have.

This is the universe’s greatest mind trick. It recreated itself over and over so that it can explore every angle of every truth of itself. We are all necessary for this eventual mass understanding.

Without any one of us, the universe just would not make sense.

The video below explains our interconnection with the universe:







Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Cajsa Lilliehook

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