April 1, 2016

Things I Would Like to Do with Me. {April Fool’s Edition}


Self-love is essential to living a spiritual life.

Elephant journal founder Waylon Lewis preaches this and includes it in the mindful principles at the core of the magazine.

As you may have noticed, Lewis recently published his book, Things I Would Like to Do with You, in which he shares his sexy, mindful and magnificent views on such subjects.

The elephant journal community is built on principles of self-love, yet it’s also important to share that love with others throughout our spiritual journey. Lewis’s book explores this too. As the title implies, spirituality is not only mindful, but also raw, involving all of the “things I would like to do with you.”

But this wasn’t always the message of such an intimate title.

Once upon a time, the book was named “Things I Would Like to Do with Me.” While the original title still encapsulates a sensual and sexy view of love, it turns the attention to how we can get intimate with ourselves.

However, publishers agreed that such a title was too provoking, too revealing and too saucy. By implying a grandiose gesture of self-love, the title was thought to have great sexual connotations. Greater, in fact, than the current title, which expresses what Lewis would like to do with someone other than himself.

Consequently, the title came to be about not what Lewis would like to do with himself, but rather, what Lewis would like to do with you.

Yes, you.

Although I’m not sure how quickly Lewis took to the change of title, we can see for ourselves that the book was indeed published as “Things I Would Like to Do with You.”

I say screw the publishers, Waylon—we like your message of self-love!


Happy April Fool’s Day! 


Author: Katie Gard

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pixabay


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