April 27, 2016

Who is Actually Winning this Election?


If you’re like me, you might find it strange that Bernie Sanders continues to draw enormous crowds at his rallies, continues to receive enormous financial support from his followers, and poll really well, yet has suffered some harsh primary defeats of late.

Although Sanders ran off a string of seven victories after the shenanigans in Arizona, Hillary Clinton went on a winning streak of her own claiming victories in five of the past six states to vote—including four of five last night.

As stories of voter suppression and irregularities continue, two recent stories have really stood out to me, and make me question whether we can believe anything we see anymore at all.

The website, electionfraudwatch.com, reported yesterday several instances of Bernie Sanders’ vote totals going down as live election results were coming in.

The numbers were captured by viewers taking screen shots of the results at different points in the reporting. This first instance shows Senator Sanders winning Sussex county in Delaware with over 80 percent of the vote and a vote total of 6,247 with 16 percent of the votes reported. When 39 percent of the votes had been reported, Senator Sanders vote total had dropped to 2,383. How is it possible that Senators Sanders vote total decreased so dramatically after 20 percent more of the vote totals had been tallied?



Another case shows a similar occurrence happening in New York last week:




Lest we be too quick to dismiss these reports as simple, honest mistakes, another shocking report has been making its way around social media that shows Clinton Eugene Curtis, a computer programmer and former employee of NASA testifying under oath in court to coding computers to rig elections. While this is an older video, it appears to show that this type of behavior has precedence and is possible.


I’ll leave you to decide: Wild conspiracy theory or further proof that our election system is a total sham?

Spencer Gundert has written a thorough and convincing piece detailing voter irregularities (a nice word for fraud) here. It details the ease in which voting machines can be hacked and rigged, how exit polling, for virtually the first time, has been vastly different from voting results, and the systemic effort to make voting harder in this country.

The article also points out a Washington Post article about a study by the Electoral Integrity Project that ranks the U.S. dead last of any long established democracy in terms of free, fair, and open elections.

Also, apparently Bernie Sanders wasn’t even on some ballots in Philadelphia for some reason:


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.33.54 PM


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photos: Flickr/Benjamin Kerensa, Flickr/Bill B

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