May 10, 2016

I am Falling for You & I Don’t ever Want to Stop.


I am falling, falling, falling—feeling the wind whirl all around me like a smoke-blue tornado as I barrel downward at a thousand miles an hour.

I’m falling for you. For your heart. Your softness. Your wildfire.

I’m falling right into your strong arms, and even though parts of me wonder if I should be scared—I’m not scared at all.

Because this is real. It’s as substantial as the earth itself. It isn’t lust or a desperate fleeing from a deep-seated fear of loneliness. It isn’t based on bulls*t fairytale fantasies. It’s based on the truth of who we are.

I’m falling for you.

And the beautiful thing is—I know you’ll catch me. I know your arms stand at the ready—strong and kind—to catch me with that infectious, heart-soaked smile of yours, with that wild, explosive glint in your eyes I’ve come to adore.

You’ll catch me—not because you have to, not because you’re obligated—but because it makes you tingly to the core of your being; because it shakes the dust off the stiff parts in your heart and makes you feel magnetically alive when my skin touches yours, when my heart beats hungrily, alongside yours.

And I’ll catch you—not because I have to, not because I’m obligated—but because I am honored to, because my arms have been spread for my whole life, like fiery wings, waiting not-so-patiently and oh-so-eagerly, to catch you.

We’re falling together, for one another.

And maybe we have little moments of fear about the intensity of what we share. Maybe sometimes, for a second, we even get so afraid that we want to run away, but those moments are swiftly interrupted by truth.

The truth that this is real.

Truth kicks fear’s ass, every time.

Because all we need to know is the way our souls feel at home when we’re next to one another, our fingers weaving together like ancient embroidery, our breaths synced naturally, heartbeats pounding to the same electric rhythm, creating a more beautiful moment, together. Becoming more ourselves, together. Becoming more vibrantly alive, together.

The combination of you and me is poetry.

I’m falling for you. I’m closing my eyes, smiling like hell and just letting it happen.

I’m falling for you, and I don’t ever want to stop.

You accelerate me. You challenge me. You soothe me and take care of me.

I challenge you. I listen to all the things you never thought you could say out loud. I open you, like a long-forgotten key.

We’re letting each other in, and it feels like sitting in the ripe mouth of spring’s lush beauty.

And maybe we don’t need to promise forever, maybe we’ve both been let down by the falsely gilded golden guarantee of that hollow, loaded word far too many times.

Instead, let’s promise to fall for each other and keep falling—over and over again, as many times as we can.

Let’s fall for each other and never stop—

As long as we light up like the sun when we wake up next to one another in the morning.

As long as we keep challenging each other.

As long as we’re better together than alone.

As long as we can bring each other back to the aching beauty of the present moment.

As long as we can be honest.

As long as we can make the world more beautiful together.

I’m falling for you, barreling down from the sky at a thousand miles an hour. I’m diving down like a falcon, dipping low towards the strawberry sorbet sunset as your strong arms reach out, like trees, to catch me.

I’m falling for you—not slowly, not subtly—I’m falling for you with every ounce of whirling intensity contained in me. It’s the ultimate trust fall.

And for once in my damn life, I’m not scared at all.

It feels absolutely joyous.


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixabay

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