July 23, 2016

5 Unusual Ways to Find More Clarity & Energy in your Life.

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Five Energy Secrets for becoming Empowered

Jon was in his late 50s, but had more energy than anyone I knew. His day job was carpenting, but by night, he became a yogi, shaman, Tai Chi master and all-around superhero.

I was working at a desk job, and hardly had enough energy to move at the end of a day.

Jon always seemed so grounded and peaceful.

I once asked him how he did it. He thought for a moment then said, “I just do what works. Energy is a science and an art. Keep practicing and you’ll figure out what works for you.”

At the time, I didn’t understand energy, and I certainly couldn’t feel it. But I kept going to Jon’s classes, and with practice, I eventually figured a few things out.

Almost two decades later I’m still exploring what works—not only for me, but now for my own students. Life is often filled with distractions and demands on our time and energy. And some of us are more sensitive to the energy and emotions of others.

When we are in touch with our own Life Force energy, we feel empowered and vital. But when we are low on Life Force, we can feel stuck or even depressed. There are different kinds of energy, such as human energy and nature energy, and within that, the elements such as earth, air, fire and water, which each have their own unique kind of energy.

Whether you are a teacher, a healer or simply exploring your path, having tools and an understanding of energy can make the difference between a day where you go home feeling drained, and a day filled with clarity and purpose.

When I use these tools in both my classes and in my daily life, I notice a huge difference in how I teach, and how clear, centered and energized I feel.

We can tap into these Five Energies to start to have more clarity and feel more grounded and empowered in our own lives.


Water is the foundation of life.  We are made of up to 60 percent water. In nearly every spiritual tradition, water is thought of as a powerful tool for clearing energy. Water has a deep psychological association with cleanliness and purity. Baptism with water is practiced in many traditions, and often in churches or temples you will find blessed water utilized.

Most energy healers I know will at the very least wash their hands between sessions. Nothing helps my energy to recover like a quick shower at the end of a long day. When you are anxious or overwhelmed, rinse or your hands or body and imagine any heavy energy being washed away. It can help you feel like a new being.


Our body instantly starts to relax when we are in nature. We aren’t designed to be in the noise and chaos of city life. Of course, it can be hard for most of us to get into nature regularly. But simply lying down in a park or in our yard can have a deep healing effect.

The earth has an electromagnetic relationship with our body, and there is  some evidence that simply walking barefoot has a positive physiological effect on our body. Connecting with the earth can act like a magnet on negative energy and emotions. Bring plants into our home or office is another great way to help us stay grounded and they have the added bonus of clearing the air and producing more oxygen. Nature is pretty awesome.


Fire and candlelight are commonly used in temples, churches and other sacred spaces. In shamanic traditions, fire can be used to help the mind relax and become more contemplative. Both smoke and fire can be a tool to pull away heavy energy from our bodies.  If we have a negative habit or relationship, we would like to let go of, we can write our intention on a piece of paper and cast in the fire. This can have a profound psychological and energetic effect on our lives.

Like the phoenix rising from the flames, we can use fire to metaphorically die to the old and be reborn.


How much energy we have is related to how we breathe. If we think about times when we are stressed, what is our breath usually like? For most of us, it becomes more shallow and tense. To have more energy and less anxiety, try taking a few deep, cleansing breaths. It’s an interesting phenomena that when someone is stressed we will start unconsciously breathing like they do—if we can find our own breath, our own energy will follow.

Just as important as how we breathe is what we breathe. When the air is polluted, we start taking on toxic particles. By the same token, we can also take on other people’s negative emotions and energy. Psychosocially we are designed to be able to experience the emotions of others. Those of us who are more empathetic are more susceptible. A powerful tool is the use of incense or smudging. On a practical level, smoke has been shown to purify and ionize the air, killing harmful bacteria. On an energetic level, it can change the energetic vibration of our environment.

If nothing else, a quick way to help clear our energy is to breathe deeper and more mindfully.


Aether is often referred to as metaphysical element. It can’t yet be measured scientifically, but it is similar to the idea of life force or energy. Aristotle and Plato spoke of this element, saying it didn’t conform to the laws of physics. Even Isaac Newton tried to study aether in his theory of gravity.

Aether seems to be independent of time and space. Some believe it is consciousness. The psychologist Carl Jung called aether the Soul of the World. He believed that we had a shared collective unconscious, similar to the shared mind seen in ants and birds. Perhaps someday this will help to explain things like intuition and synchronicity.

We can use many tools to help us feel more grounded and clear. But unless we understand how we take on the energy and emotions of those around us, we may keep feeling stuck in our lives. A simple practice I do each day is to sit and imagine as I exhale that I am sending back the energy of others that I have taken on from others throughout the day. You can imagine sending it back to each individual until you feel clear. When you are done imagine inhaling all of your energy back to you. This alone can help you feel more clear, free and happy. We don’t realize how much energy of others we take on until we experience our own energy.


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Author: Aron Stein

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