August 12, 2016

If your hair is thinning, here’s the Buddha’s advice for you.

patrick stewartHow to be Super Hot?

Let go.

Give up. Let go. You’re gonna die anyways. It’s hopeless.

That’s the Buddha’s timeless advice for things like wrinkles and thinning hair, or balding completely. Can’t do anything about it? Here’s your solution. 

Are you aging? Here’s the Buddha’s advice, in more depth. It’s well worth reading. The Buddha is offering you advice! Free!

If your hair is thinning—mine is—that sucks. Life sucks. That’s the first noble truth. But just you wait for the fourth! It’s awesome! There’s a path out of suckyness—and that’s meditation, mindfullness, service to others. Then life becomes fun and meaningful, again. As they say, if you want to be happy, think first of others. If you want to be happy, stop obsessing about your crow’s feet or hair.

So shave. Go all Bruce Willis, or Jean Luc Picard on us.

Let go. It’s hotter when you like yourself. It’s not hot to hide, a la Trump, to combover that little sweet bald patch that never did nothing wrong to nobody.

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