August 12, 2016

Time to Get Over it.

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Why aren’t we all following our dreams? Why won’t we all pursue our passions? Spend our lives doing what we love to do? Do what makes our hearts full and happy?

We don’t follow our dreams because of fear. We fear failure. We fear letting ourselves and others down. Most of all, we fear not making any money from it. But why have we been taught that the great aim of life is to make money?

It’s time to get over the materialism of success. Everything that is physical, all the things you could buy with your “success” money aren’t going to matter when you die anyway. So why not follow your passion, your dream, and spend a life doing what you want, doing what makes you more fulfilled and genuinely happy than spending your life worried about not making any money – which is just going to disappear with you anyways?

Author: Elizabeth Gottwald

Image: Flickr

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