September 4, 2016

A Question we need to ask in a Surreal Election Year.


A recent headline in The Huffington Post caught my attention. It read: “A Rock Star And Two Ex-Politicians Hope To Save America From Trump.”

The article challenges the American Public to eschew the political posturing and side-shows of the presidential race, and focus on three fundamental questions that need to be squarely answered by Clinton and Trump. The three questions posed by former Republican congressmen Bob Inglis and Brian Baird, along with ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, are:

  1. “What specific actions will you take, and what will you ask the American people to do to reverse global climate change and ocean acidification?”
  2. “What specific actions will you take, and what will you ask the American people to do to fix the growing debt of the United States?”
  3. “What specific actions will you take during your campaign and your time in office, and what will you ask the American people to do to help restore the respect and confidence of the American people in their elected government?”

Thumping good questions (sorry). Audacious and pertinent for our times, they should not be side-stepped by any wannabe president. I hope, for everyone’s sake, they aren’t.

On Polling Day

When we finally get to the polling centers, and having survived another personality media circus, what will determine which box we check? Clinton’s emails or Trump’s bankruptcies?

Who the heck cares?

How about we pay attention to none of the alleged corruption and shenanigans and instead listen to one’s deeper heart wisdom. What does this mean? Not asking three or 300 questions on each candidate’s past or personality, but asking one:

Who do I truly believe (and know at an intuitive, gut level) has the wherewithal (albeit flawed and imperfect) to represent the U.S. on the world stage; and broker the best deals possible so that U.S. inhabitants have at least a chance at a better, more civilized way of life?

In a world hanging timorously on the knife edge of civil strife, and where Americans (politicians or otherwise) are fair game for the exponentially expanding terrorist networks, I think it behooves us to take a long pause before letting our emotions get the better of us on Election Day.

What say you?



Author: Gerard Murphy

Image: KAZ Vorpal/Flickr

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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