October 25, 2016

The Future is Bullsh*t.

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I’m sitting at my desk.

Staring out the half-opened blinds. Coffee half-finished.

My morning headache lingers over my eyes.

Eyes fixated on the future.

You know the place—that magical land where happiness exists, where bliss is a way of life and dreams merrily dance with the soil.

All that good sh*t.

The fantasy session goes on, and on, and on.

I am tired.

The future juices me up a bit.

But there’s a certain danger to living in this land. Hint: it’s not real.

When we project ourselves out into the future, we lose all of our power to actually doing things now. The world isn’t over there.

When we’re daydreaming, our minds extend their own capacities, and we leave our bodies behind. We take a trip through time to avoid the world in front of us.

But we’re missing one big thing.

We can only live now. We can only create now. We can only take a step now.

All that sh*t doesn’t exist. Ask: what can I do now?

And do it.

We avoid the present, because we think it isn’t right. We’re surrounded by all these things we don’t want. It’s not perfect. I’m too fat. All of my work sucks. I want this, I want that—on and on. I’ll spare you the details.

But our world—your world right now—is perfect for you. It’s everything you ever desired. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be here now. Everything around you is perfect. You’re living in the magical playground of everything you ever wanted.

Look around and see what you hate. Now try to love it. Now try to love it harder. All of this is you.

You’re hella creative and more powerful than you think. Look at this life you made, you sexy beast.

The only way to move forward powerfully, and step into these future lives we oh so desperately want, is to fall in a deep and passionate love with the life you’re currently living.

Hell, fall in love so deep you want it to go on forever. Fall in love with reality and a deep and magical thing happens—miracles bleed through your penned lines. Now you’ve done it.

You’ve fallen out of lust with the venerable future and accidentally stumbled into the gift of your current life. Your dreams hold nothing to this beautiful beast of a world that spins wildly around you.

Now you can dream. 

Like Papa Watts always said:

“There is no point in planning for the future if you can’t enjoy the present. Happiness can’t be promised for the future if you don’t try and be happy now.” ~ Alan Watts


Author: Kevin Wood

Image: Instagram @waylonlewis

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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