October 15, 2016

Trump invited this Apprentice back to his hotel room. Then this allegedly happened.


It’s not just one man. Let’s root ’em out. Let’s bring accountability. Let’s shift the power.

Update: Subpoena Orders Trump To Turn Over Documents From Assault Allegations (buzzfeed.com)


A public service post: The list of women that have come forward about Donald Trump;

  • Ninni Laaksonen, former Miss Finland. “Trump stood right next to me and suddenly he squeezed my butt” in July 2006.
  • Jessica Drake. Said Trump grabbed and kissed her without consent, then offered her 10K for sex in 2006.
  • Karena Virginia. Says she was groped by Trump at the U.S. Open in 1998.
  • Cathy Heller. Says Trump grabbed her and attempted to kiss her at Mar-a-lago in 1997.
  • Summer Zervos. Apprentice contestant says Trump started kissing her and grabbing her breasts, began “thrusting his genitals.” 2007.
  • Kristin Anderson. Said Trump reached under her skirt and grabbed her vagina through her underwear in the early 1990s.
  • Jessica Leeds. Said Trump lifted up the armrest, grabbed her breasts and reached his hand up her skirt in the early 1980s.
  • Rachel Crooks. Says she was assaulted by Trump in an elevator in Trump Tower in 2005.
  • Mindy McGillivray. Says Trump groped her while she was attending a concert at Mar-a-lago in 2003.
  • Natasha Stoynoff. Says Trump pushed her against a wall and jammed his tongue down her throat at Mar-a-lago in 2005.
  • Jennifer Murphy. Apprentice contestant says Trump kissed her on the lips after a job interview in 2005.
  • Cassandra Searles. Says Trump grabbed her ass and invited her to his hotel room in 2013.
  • Temple Taggart McDowell. Former Miss Utah says Trump kissed her directly on the lips the first time she met him in 1997.
  • Jill Harth. Says Trump repeatedly sexually harassed her and groped her underneath a table in 1993.
  • “Jane Doe” or Katie J. In June, a California woman — “Jane Doe” ― filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump raped her at a party when she was 13 years old. Video testimony from Katie J, who accuses Trump of raping her at 13. 1994
  • Ivana Trump. In a 1992 deposition during their divorce, Trump’s first wife described an incident in which she says her then-husband forced her to have sex with him.

The Missing;

“Jane Doe”. In June, a California woman — “Jane Doe” ― filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump raped her at a party when she was 13 years old

I believe this one is Katie J’s allegation:

Video testimony from Katie J, who accuses Trump of raping her at 13 after she was hired by Jeffrey Epstein to work his sex parties.

And her affidavit, consistent with her testimony:


and knew that Plaintiff was then just 13 years old. Exhs. A and B.10.

Defendant Trump initiated sexual contact with Plaintiff at four different parties.On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied Plaintiff to a bed, exposed himself to Plaintiff, and then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to stop but with no effect. Defendant Trump responded to Plaintiff’s pleas by violently striking Plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted.

~ Reddit.


“When you’re a star they let you do it….you can get away with anything…”When i see a beautiful woman I cant help it i just start kissing her.” And now we’re seeing examples come forward, on the daily.

Editor’s note: We cover the mindful life—all aspects of life. Politics affect life—healthcare, equality, economy, war, climate change. This also involves morality, and equal rights. Thanks! ~ ed.


Note: for those raising the issue of Bill Clinton, that’s a fair point. A response: “I’m not going to condone Bill’s actions because I’ve lived in relationships where I’ve been cheated on and it sucks. But ultimately, the extramarital sex Bill was having was consensual. That makes it completely different from rape.” #reddit

Clinton was impeached for far less.

I have no problem with Trump supporters, or the GOP. I do have a problem with sexual assault. ~ ed.


Why are folks coming forward, now? I don’t know, but my assumption would be because he admitted to it, and even bragged about it. And, they have cover—once a few come forward, it’s less scary to come forward and anger the Donald and his fans. And, thirdly, it matters to the public interest, now. It takes bravery to bother to come forward and get attached by angry Trump fans. Until recently, most of these women—who I’m sure you care about—simply wanted to be left alone.


I feel like I need a shower after reading this.

Over the past few days, a half-dozen women have come forward. Too many to keep up with. Here’s one that doesn’t even make the lists I’ve seen.

For video of tonight’s press conference (below), here.

Summary of the below press conference, via Reddit:

“So at what point does it become clear to everyone in America that these aren’t isolated incidents where Trump acted out of control. This is just his day-to-day M.O. He sees a pretty woman and he just goes for it. It’s pretty much exactly what he described in the Access Hollywood tape.”

An Apprentice Contestant (a Republican, btw) alleging sexual assault in 2007. After the incidents she spoke with her family and friends and told them about it, so there are contemporaneous witnesses.

Watching press conference live:

  • Accosted by Donald Trump at the Beverly Hills hotel while discussing employment opportunities.
  • Kissing, touching breasts, leading into bedroom when she went for job interview.
  • In 2007, contacted Mr. Trump for lunch, was asked to meet him in office. Kissed on lips, thought “maybe it was his way of greeting…”
  • This is going a bit slow due to crying. She was upset by Trump’s kiss, called her friends and called her parents [corroboration].
  • Met at the Beverly Hills hotel for dinner, assumed they were going to a restaurant, and instead were taken to a private Bungalow.
  • Walked into Bungalow. Trump was not in the room, but she could see his suit was laid out on the bed and Trump was not visible, she sat down in the living room and waited, he emerged minutes later in the suit, i.e. he was waiting for her naked when she arrived.
  • Trump started kissing her immediately, she moved away, told him to “get real,” he responded “get real” in a suggestive way. He grabbed her shoulder and began kissing aggressively, he placed hand on breast. She walked away. He grabbed her and pulled her into bedroom.
  • She tried to leave, pushed him away, began “thrusting genitals” at her.
  • She finally gets through to him, says maybe it is best if we just get dinner and talk business. She names his dinner order (maybe room service/hotel can confirm).
  • asked her to hide while waiter delivered dinner. She tried to talk business and job offers. Gave her debt advice on dealing with her home mortgage, told her to default.
  • she left after dinner.
  • lots of crying.
  • spoke to father immediately after [corroboration].
  • Trump got her a job at golf course for half the salary she requested. When she called Trump because she was offended about the salary, he gave her the runaround.
  • She called and confronted him, claiming that she felt the poor salary and job offer was because she refused his sexual advances. Trump told her that she should never call him again.
  • Trump refused contact with her after that. She called and wrote his campaign in April 2016 to try and confront him about it, was rebuffed by staff.

Throughout here there is a lot of sporadic testimony about why she put up with this, why she agreed to meet him after the initial kiss, why she remained silent. He made her feel important, he was a powerful man, told her that she was smart, promised opportunity, and now she feels very used and misled.


Q: Do you have corroborating information?

A: Witnesses she shared the experiences with Trump with.

Q: Do you support any political party?

A: She is a Republican.

No intention of litigation at this time

Q: What does she hope comes out of this?

A: (Victim, not Allred) I want to be able to sleep when I am seventy at night.

Q: More women?

A: Allred says she has been contacted by many more women

Press conference over

In response to a few comments:

We can criticize without resorting to vulgarity or hating—the allegations and what he’s bragged about are ugly enough.
According to Trump supporters:
Bill Clinton’s accusers are all correct.
Trump’s accusers are all wrong.
What Trump did was 10 years ago so it’s OK.
What Bill Clinton did 10-20 years ago is bad.
And Bill isn’t even running for office. And Trump has actually boasted about sexual assault.
The timeline here is mental:
1) Billy Bush tapes leak
2) Trump camp decides to deflect with attack on Bill, the major theme of which is “Trump said bad things / Bill did bad things.”
3) Trump accusers start popping out the woodworks
4) Trump camp starts trying to discredit his accusers while continuing to push the Bill accusers.
The doublethink is unreal.
The worst part of it all was that Bannon’s strategy was to turn Bill Clinton into the next Bill Cosby. #reddit
Waylon on the Trump situation, to parents and young men:

After all that, a mindful bonus or two:

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