November 21, 2016

Be in Softness. {Poem}

There is dust on her joy From ten years spent living As if she was Small

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Be in softness.
Be in that space of gentle body and mind
where self worth lives between the layers of your skin.
Where your heart is sweetly caressed by your actions in the world.
Where self-love is self-service,
and you are not afraid of being fully you—of taking up space in this world.

Be in softness
where you take care of the hearts of others.
Feeling everything around you
and opening to those whose eyes ask for presence
as they speak their truths into your heart’s ears.

Be in softness
so that you are kind to your body,
your gorgeous physique.
The poems that are the lines of your shell
deserve to be honoured.

Be in softness
so you can drop the struggle as a woman
to keep a tough exterior,
to be a fighter,
to constantly adopt the energy of masculinity
and take up space in this world.

Be soft while standing solidly in your worth,
strong in your will,
for here you will give others permission to do the same.
To allow them to lean into our lives
and surrender to our inherent beauty.

Be soft to create space
for the stories of others
who need an open heart to help.

Let your heart drip with joy
as you open to life,
as you navigate the waves of existence.

Be soft here too—
for water will always conquer rock.


Author: Annabelle Blythe

Image: Author’s Instagram.

Editor: Nicole Cameron

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