November 29, 2016

If you would like to Love this Wild & Free Woman, watch out.


She is not an easy woman and she does not want a banal love. 

To love her is to experience life in a way that you can’t begin to explain to anyone—for there is little explanation for the highs and lows of the rollercoaster dips and twists…for the fascination that will leave you mesmerized by her.

She is appreciative, for she values your time over the dollar.

She is exhausting, for she demands answers when there are only questions.

She is frustrating, for she pushes the limits of any rules that others try to set for her.

She is madness, for her mind is constantly filled with creative ideas and uncomfortable with mediocrity.

She is kind, for she finds in animals and children an unspoken connection, and she condemns those who would hurt others.

She is fearless, for she dares to question habits and the status quo.

She is impatient, for ignorance shocks her. She thirsts for learning.

She is impulsive, in that she creates the adventures that she reads and writes about.

She expects greatness, both in her efforts others. And yet, surprisingly, she will forgive others for their shortcomings.

She does not accept the notion of sin, but rejects anything that causes her to transgress against herself.

And she loves you. And because she loves you she will long to know the longing of your intention…what makes you think, and move, and act and live.

She wants to jump inside your skin and experience every part of you that makes you who you are…to feel every thought and taste every word and savor every emotion that you freely let go in her embrace.

She wants to hear the worries of your heart and hold them—to help you let them go.

She has a wild, roaming heart, not meant to be confined.

She loves with a ferocity that will, sometimes, terrify and amaze you.

She will hold you and let you go.

She will leave imprints of life inside your skin and mark your soul with her love.

She will demand the best of all you have to give…your empathy, kindness, gratitude, appreciation. She will want you to tell her how you make her feel everyday and then she will want to know again tomorrow. She will need daily reassurance of your love so that she will feel free to travel, create, make, sing, write, love. She loves many and knows you love many more and yet she wants to believe in every moment that you are there for each other. She does not believe that love is to be hoarded or kept to oneself, but shared freely so that it will expand and grow.

She welcomes people from all walks of life, curious and accepting of those who are different from her.

She longs to understand everything she doesn’t know.

She desires and craves stability and security, while her heart longs to explore, for she is never content to stay stagnant for long.

To love her is to take a ride on a journey of wonder and excitement…there will be new adventures and first-time experiences that you will only have with her.

The desert sky fills her with wonder, the mountains call her name,  the forest revives her, and the ocean is married to her soul.

And you will never need to fear losing her…she can not be lost, and she can not be found.

For Mother Earth is her sanctuary and wherever she goes, she is always home.


Author: Stephanie Parry

Editor: Waylon H. Lewis

Image: Wikimedia.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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