November 30, 2016

Nonsense is the new Black.

How can you not trust those eyes?

We live in a world where people reach out for help to pay medical bills, instead of reaching out to ask the doctors why it costs thousands of dollars to care for a life.

The nonsense deepens when people try to explain it. Insurance, we say. The machines are expensive, we say. Hospital expense and salaries require payment, we say. Nonsense is when people get sick, and family and friends are forced to pay three times the cost of an expensive machine for their care.

There was a time—and in some places, this still occurs—when the family was visited by the family doctor, who in turn was taken care of by his own community. So when we reach out to the community with cry for help, people respond, help, unite, and donate.

The nonsense is that every one accepts the broken system as it is.

We go around the streets hunting dogs, like the inquisition did with witches. We decide they must die because there is not enough space to house them. All in the name of saving them, of course. They can’t live in the street, we say. We need to find them homes, we say. They spread illnesses, we say. They need food and shelter, we say.

But instead of learning how to share the earth we walk on along, like a family who feeds their members and takes care of their sick, we jail them, separate them, castrate them, and kill them. Then we call ourselves “dog lovers” and punish those who do not convert to our inquisition. We are the ones who wanted to domesticate the animals, which makes them dependent on us.

Do you see the nonsense?

We live in a world where many mothers must work away from home to pay others to raise their children. Others who, by the way, are also mothers working away from home. Does it get more nonsensical than that? Yes, we say, there is an explanation for that, even a board of education to defend it, and a system to support it. 

These situations might not happen to everyone, and might not happen everywhere, but they do happen inside of what we like to call “the first world,” and since it is the first, others are following.

Mostly everyone knows somebody in one of these situations.

One could easily observe that we are all unaware of each other and unloved. Afraid, we attempt to morph ourselves to be forever young; to be cool we must be forever healthy, wealthy, pretty and perfect. But being human is also being old, sick, poor, ugly and yes, imperfect. We all die—that is our natural cycle.

And how we die? That, too, sometimes feels like a lot of nonsense.

Nonsense seems to be the new black.

The powerful machine of systems active in the first world feels as if it was designed to keep people in slavery. War is a profitable business: people pay money to sustain it, governments negotiate to win it, and the victors own the rights of history books. Nuclear power is at the center of the political conversation, and not in its most quantum definition. Violence and disharmony is the script of the mainstream media, and we love the debate. The land of the free is divided by its own leaders, who attack the most intimate relationship there is in nature, that of men and women. A division that is breaking the heart of a republic’s foundation: a united family.

Allow me to be more clear:

Every single person that is a U.S. citizen must remember that they are part of a republic. The mantra we’ve been reciting for more than a century states: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Mexico is a also a republic. And we, too, believe we are a democracy. We call México “La República Mexicana.” We also have a constitution. And believe you me, when all hell breaks loose, we all know that at the base of society, a happy family is a peaceful family. No politician gets to divide the family. Que Viva la Familia!


Everything in the universe is made of vibration, sound, frequency—the music of the spheres. We are travelling through the cosmic unknown, around the sun, inside one of the millions of galaxies. We are cellular beings, made of subatomic particles, waves of electricity and magnetic fields, rising and passing away.

Weather disasters and climate change are our vibration creating heat, and heat is created by anger. Chill out. Start again. Heal your relationship with your mother. Learn to listen. Be a family, sit together to eat. Stop basing everything you create on money.

There are beautiful ideals that make all republicans, and there are beautiful ideas that are only exercised by a democracy. Open your minds, learn non-violent communication, inspire insight, and be your own master. Serve others. Be a lover. We must use, feel and spread the word love to inspire love. You must be peaceful to create peace. Develop your equanimity, tolerance, patience, love, generosity, compassion, determination and renunciation. Breathe. It takes unconditional friendship to make your family united again.

Awareness is freedom, and a clear mind is a peaceful mind. We can lead our families toward happiness. We can teach forgiveness to our children—for children will remember this, and they are who will take care of us when we can no longer take care of ourselves. Our children learn to love as we love.

As I continue hearing your cry for help, I feel an obligation to say:

Return to your family, befriend your neighbors, plant your garden, and look within. You have no enemies; we love you America. Your freedom is good for all of us.

Love thy neighbor, as it is a reflection of how much you love yourself. We can choose to become an awakened family, the most sacred foundation of one indivisible united and democratic republic. Whatever happens, we can evolve into love.


Author: Yesica Pineda

Image: jaredvork/Flickr

Editor: Catherine Monkman



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