December 20, 2016

How allowing Fear to enter Opens the door for Magic.

Sometimes fear is the best confirmation we can get.

Sometimes it’s the only way to know we are on the right path. That we are headed toward something magical, something life changing.

I wasn’t expecting to find magic in you. In fact, I almost canceled our first date. But standing outside with you, in the teeth-chattering cold, my heart filled with a warmth I had only previously imagined. When I finally drifted off to sleep that night, your spirit danced across my dreams and joined hands with my soul.

The magic stayed with me, but slowly leveled out enough for me to breathe. I had grown used to the buzz you had created in me, so when you greeted me at my door before our next adventure I had to step back. Your energy flooded back over me and your scent, cedar wood and fresh earth, took my breath away.

Some people would say that is it foolish to love so easily and freely, but I say why the hell not? What is the point of life without risk, without vulnerability, without love given truly and freely?

I don’t know what lies ahead for you and me. I don’t know whether it will be 80 magical years or if our journey will end tomorrow. But I would rather enjoy every magical moment I can have with you with the fullness of my heart than hold back in order to avoid fear or pain.

I’d rather look deep into the forest I found in your eyes, with swirling shades of green and amber. I’d rather taste the sweet juices of your lips, breathe the fragrance of your skin, and melt into your soul than spend a moment of our time worried about tomorrow.

My love is bright and full and meant to be shared, not locked away or tightly guarded. So call me naive, call me foolish, and watch as my love spreads like a wildfire to every edge of this earth. Because I’ve never been one to hold back, and I am not about to start now.

Love is meant to pour out of us. Love is meant to be shared and gifted unconditionally. There is no rhyme or reason, no how-to manual, no instructional guide. Love simply is. It is you; it is me.

When we try to box it up, keep it locked inside, “protect” it “guard” it, then we dim its light. Love shines brighter than any energy source on this planet, so let’s open up and allow it to shine.


Author: Nikyla Stone

Image: YouTube still

Editor: Callie Rushton

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