December 25, 2016

If You are the Storm. {Poem}

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If you are the storm,

I am your eye.
Rage on.
I will stay calm.

If you are the rain,
I am the sun.
I will continue to shine.

If you are the mountain
I am the wind.
Our dance is as old as time.

If you are air and fire—
Don’t miss a beat.
Open your eyes.
So am I.

I’ll dance with you and fan your flames.
Breathing in the tamed and untamed. 

If you are the cynic,
I am here
to remind you
we see through you:

a fierce idealist,
weary of pain.
This is nothing of which to feel ashamed.

If you are the seeker,
I am the signpost to Source.

If you are the frozen
or broken.
I am the one who has been there before,
the one to inspire you to break a little more.

Break open.

It’s true what they say:
“It’s where the light comes in.”

I am the silence and stillness in the din.

If you are the timid and uncertain…
I am your boldness.
Mirroring you back at you.

Come forth.
Come out.
Stand tall.
Reach out.

For you are not a mouse in a cage.
But a lion on a mountain—
Panthera leo avium.

Spread out those pinions,
you fearsome beast.
And fly.

Let me be the wind beneath your wings. 


Author: Catherine Simmons

Image: @illusiveelise on Instagram

Editor: Toby Israel


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Cat Simmons

Catherine Simmons is an Enlightened Society junky with a bountiful array of passions. In a nutshell, while she champions gentleness and groundedness, she is mildly insane about the outdoors and the inner workings of becoming our best, most mindful selves. She believes in human kindness and mutual responsibility. She is teaching herself to free-dive and spends inordinate amounts of time in the mountains, now that she is healing from a seven-year M.E. illness—a journey which in itself has been a wonderful teacher. She is a dancer and a poet, and is studying to become a Natural Health Practitioner. She finds this pretty thrilling, because understanding the inner workings of pathology and the ways back to health are right at the top of her list of passions; followed closely by making yummy healthy food and helping others. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with her favorite side kick—a border collie named Malaika. One of her dreams is to cycle through Africa, side-kick in tow. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.