December 30, 2016

Stories in Seventeen Syllables. {Poem}


Stories in haiku

The space between syllables

Is where you should look


Yes, I write haiku

Sometimes accidentally

But then again, not


Sometimes there are just

So many words to say and

So few syllables…


One-hundred haiku

Counting words to make words count

For the love of love


In this tangled mess

Lies a little thing called life

Sought, but seldom found


Tear me to pieces

Scattered shards of ash and bone

Leave them where they lie


Love has as many

Definitions as it does

Similes on it


Fractured fairy tales

It’s a universal truth

Back to sleep, beauty


Headaches and heartbreak

Happily never after

Always a pumpkin


Keep training hard but

Sometimes I don’t want to be

Tougher than I look


Mirrors reflect lies

Disorder is a strong word

The taste of regret


Strength is beautiful

Lies of a generation



Words like boomerangs

Thoughts cast to the universe

Prepare for the catch


Promise me the past

Will remain where it belongs

Or we, too, shall stay


No explanation

Endless justification

An end with no means


When words cease to be

A piece of my heart does too

Life between letters


Homesick for nowhere

Disappearing rainbows and

Broken red high heels


As the world speeds by

Remember to stop and think

Of the futures past


A life packed away

Boxes are everywhere but

Which one holds myself?


I can’t decide

If these walls are to keep things

In my heart, or out


To be or not to

The real question is, be whom?

Or what or where or…


Alone, not lonely

Thoughts, memories, dreams, and hope

Strength in solitude


Steps to leaps and bounds

With a stunning lack of fear

Not a backward glance


All in or get out

Spring cleaning the heart and mind

Make room for more space


Faith and hope remain

The only weapons we have

World War Whatever


To grow up is to

See the fruition of all

The choices we’ve made


Seven simple truths

Hope, love, give, pray, peace, laugh, learn

Small words to big change


Keep it under wraps

That dream you dream about most

Until it is time


Unfiltered feelings

Emotional overflow

The art of living


Don’t stop believing

In the best and worst of times

I will wait for you


Fortunate or un-

Life’s a series of events

Keep turning pages


Author: Gabriella Sweezey

Image: zenjazzygeek/Flickr

Editor: Toby Israel


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