January 29, 2017

Nothing around us Will Change until we Do This.

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It doesn’t matter what we do, we give people the experience of how we are—of how we feel about ourselves. 

So often we work to tweak our external lives because we are unhappy.

We change our hair, our clothes, our jobs. We pursue a promotion, a bigger house, a fancier car, a more desirable vacation spot, an impressive list of sexual partners, a perfectly sculpted body. We look to shift our external experience, and playing with the external seems like the logical, linear way to accomplish this. We tweak the outside to shift our experience in the world, our worldview and our sense of self on the inside.

The thing is, we both give and get how we are. Our external experience is a mirror of our internal experience.

The only way to truly shift our external experience is by shifting our internal experience. By tuning back inside, doing the work, and coming back in alignment with ourselves. Whether it’s through meditation, yoga, picking up a new hobby, quitting our jobs or leaving our partners—we need to recognize where we have stepped out of alignment with ourselves, and how we can shift back in.

Don’t know where to start?

Yes, you do.

Our guts always know—be brave enough to listen.

When we step back into alignment with our authentic selves, we realize our hair is fine the way it is; our bodies are beautiful and deserve to be nourished; our wardrobe is good enough; doing work that gives us joy is more important than a six-figure salary; love and connection are more important than getting a date with the sexiest person at the party. Self worth cannot be found in a paycheck, a relationship, a vacation, an outfit, a six pack, a perfect blood test.

When we feel good, we look good. When we do work that gives us joy, we emanate joy. When we love ourselves and recognize our own inherent light, we radiate. Other people are naturally drawn to us and want to be around us. The most effective way to impact our world is by loving ourselves, walking in truth and doing our own work. We will naturally shift those around us—without having to say anything at all.

Self growth never stops. The internal work never stops. Be brave enough to dig deeper.

Take care of yourself, first, to take care of this world.


Author: Annabelle Blythe

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