January 13, 2017

The True Meaning of Friday the 13th.

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination to be herself and only herself.”
~ Maya Angelou


Since the beginning of time we have been taught to fear the power of the divine feminine.

Popular culture would like us to believe that Friday the 13th is a time of superstition and horror films. It has caught our attention for decades with the belief that this date was somehow unlucky.

Yet, Friday the 13th has much deeper and more sacred roots than such superficial beliefs.

For centuries, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the goddesses. It was the day to recognize and celebrate the divine sacred feminine and the cycles of endings and beginnings, death and birth that she inherently represents.

Friday the 13th was in essence a day to celebrate the feminine aspects and souls always present in our lives. It was a day to honor our ability to create and sustain life, and the miracle that surrounds those essential aspects of life and evolution.

Interestingly enough, Friday is also considered Venus day; her beauty, divinity and grace make her archetype of feminine energy.

It seems that so many of us are growing further away from these feminine attributes as we seek to establish ourselves in a man’s world—yet, the most valuable qualities that we can possess are in fact ours alone as women.

We are soft and sensual creatures who birth dreams and radiate passion. Our greatest assets are those that make us uniquely women, because these keep us in touch with the earth and breathe life into the most desolate of situations.

We are the spirt of the earth and perhaps it’s time to start once again to celebrate the divine feminine, because she is the true queen of this world.

The number 13 is connected to the sacred veil of womanhood, as we have 13 menstrual cycles each year—the exact number of moon cycles each year, which is why women’s periods are often referred to as a “moon cycle.”

Women’s bodies have, since the beginning of time, connected themselves to the lunar cycles. If aligned, most women bleed at the full moon, a time of release and endings, and ovulate a few weeks later near the new moon, a time of new beginnings.

We are connected to the world around us, and we feel the pull of the moon on our tender bodies.

Nothing is by chance, nothing by accident. Women are divine creatures, and that is why we move with the cycles of nature.

Our bodies continually evolve in a different way from those of our counterpart, the divine masculine.

In order to take back the power of our femininity on this day, on which we have lately only celebrated Hollywood gore, we have to first make the decision to get back in touch with ourselves and the innate womanhood beating strong beneath our breasts.

We have to feel the way our hips sway as we walk, and the power that we have—not by being sexy, but by being connected to our inner goddess.

Here are some ideas to get back in touch with the divine feminine and honor her this year:

>> Set up a bath using essential oils like rose and lavender and candles.

>> Go outside and connect with nature on a hike, realizing how we are all a part of the cycle of life drawing the breath of the outside deep into your lungs.

>> Journal about your experience and journey as a women.

>> Plan a dinner with those women who have been important role models in your own life.

Meanwhile, the divine masculine could treat their queen to a full body massage, brush her hair or make slow, passionate love to her, showing her what a true treasure she is to him.

Any day is what we make of it and, while we could tiptoe around on Friday the 13th expecting the worst because of superstitions with no foundation in truth, we could also make the choice to simply honor those most innate feminine qualities within us and the world.

We only fear what we don’t understand—the feminine is not a force to make sense of, but rather to stand in awe of.

We are sacred creatures set on this earth for a unique purpose, and it’s time we started celebrating this fact.

“I am aware of my divine grace, I am in tune with my soul’s purpose, and I am capable of all things. Today I honor the goddess within.”
~ Sage Goddess


Author: Kate Rose

Image: Janice Marie Foote/Flickr

Editor: Toby Israel


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