January 10, 2017

This Is Life. {Poetry}

This is life.
Hands slam

When birds sing or a tree falls
Children laugh, the sky is drenched in smoke
A wave curls and crashes
Mother weeps

This is life.
Owl hoots

As the moon rises or a volcano erupts
A long awaited baby is born, scum bubbles on a pond
Gazelles leaping, poetry in motion
Agony consumes

This is life.
Loud thunderclap

While rainbows soar or the air boils
Love springs from nothing, whales eat garbage
A child blows kisses
Grief overwhelms

This is life.
Wind howls

When a song crescendos or the earth cracks in pieces
A hug consoles pain, dogs huddle alone in cages
Warm baby breath on my cheek
Crying, crying, crying

This is life.
Lion roars

As beauty transforms or anguish unfolds
Squeeze every element from each precious moment
This glorious wretched breath
A child has wings

This is life.
Hands clap


Author: Deb Lecos

Image: Author’s Own; Jen Y./Flickr  

Editor: Emily Bartran

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