March 7, 2017

I Thought I had Found my God in You. {Poetry}

I thought I had found my god in you—


That it was your hands that held my comfort,

and that it was your encompassing embrace that sustained my solace.


I believed it was your touch that would bring about my peace,

and your presence that could make me realize my purpose once more.


But, it seems that I was wrong—

a god would not leave me hanging.


So now, I have to find it again,

the god I believed was you.

I must now realize it is within my own experience.


I see it in the sky, expansive and open,

in the sun that lights up the corners of a cloud,

and in the ocean,

as the tiny diamonds of light that dance on the waves.


I know it when the crisp air kisses my cheeks and makes them rosy;

I know it in the silence that surrounds me like a warm cocoon.


I hear it too—

a sweet noise, sometimes chiming,

Echoing from some far-off cavern wall…

“You are loved. You are loved. Oh, you are loved.”


So I have re-found my god,

and it is everywhere.


The eagle who swooped above me today whispered she was it.

The wind that blew my hair into my eyes, out on a cliff top,

told me he was my beloved too.

The ocean that nibbled at my toes this morning spoke, “I am it.”


And later tonight, when I sit watching the golden light setting over a mountain top,

I know my god will be here too.


As my heartbeat quickens in my chest,

I feel it—

this absolute grace that has always been

right here.


This is a god I can no longer lose.


I thought it was in you,

but it’s not.


My god is in everything.



Author: Sarah Norrad

Image: Unsplash/Josh Felise 

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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Read 7 comments and reply

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