April 22, 2017

Eight Life-Changing Reasons to Start Looking for Work Abroad.

Having second thoughts about accepting work outside of your country?

Are you worried that the extra cash won’t replace the invaluable emotional stability you will be leaving behind? Well, it doesn’t have to.

We all fear the unknown, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. A new country is an entirely different world to explore, even if it’s right over the border.

Put your big boy/girl pants on and set off on an epic adventure of self-exploration and invaluable life education.

Here are the eight reasons why I strongly encourage and support working abroad:

  1. Experiencing a Whole New Culture

Every country is unique, and witnessing another nation’s mentality is something only living abroad can offer. Tourists often don’t stay nearly half the time necessary for this achievement.

You may even like the customs more than those back home, and there’s a chance for you’ll fall in love with the new country.

  1. Learning a New Language

Yeah, you can always use translating apps to get your message across, but that’s not the best approach. Of course, you will need to do that in the beginning, but by just sitting and listening, you will learn gradually.

Science shows that every language demonstrates a completely different way of thinking and results in different individual behaviors. When you speak another language fluently, your thought patterns undergo changes.

This is a benefit that nothing else can offer you, and yet you will surely need it in order to expand your horizons.

  1. Having a New Work Environment

Let’s say you’re a 9-to5 office worker in desperate need of a change. Sweden, for example, recently introduced the modified nationwide work hours, where the employers are cutting down the hours from eight to six. 

This strategy was brought to light thanks to the new performance-based research stating that workers provide optimal performance during a six-hour work period, as this type of timetable allows for more personal time, which increases happiness.

A happy worker will almost always perform better than expected, and going to a developed country means you will have a boss who understands this.

  1. Meeting New People

It’s certain that you can do the same thing right where you are now, but there’s a general mindset that most people share in almost every country.

The way you feel about everything, in general, may be more similar to that of the locals near your new home, and there are various ways for you to find out.

Nothing is as satisfying and reassuring as a stranger confirming your thoughts and beliefs. You could even disregard the rest of this list and just go for this reason alone.

  1. Sightseeing the Country’s History

You don’t need to know about the famous politicians or prominent TV stars of any nation if you take a second to marvel at its wonders. Every cultural heritage spot provides a piece of the incredible saga behind it.

It’s safe to presume that you’ve already explored or are familiar with the sights of your native country, and absorbing the essence of new ones is always super refreshing.

The true wealth of every culture stands in plain sight for curious observers, so take the advantage and head on into the endless discovery of new old tales.

  1. Finding a Special Someone

Unless you’re extra keen on maintaining a long-distance relationship after taking up the job, working in another country will create numerous romantic opportunities.

If you’re feeling lazy to make an effort in this endeavor, just download the country’s most popular dating app. You won’t even need a pickup line most of the time, as your foreign origin will do most of the work.

  1. A New Beginning

Without a doubt, you are leaving a number of great things behind. However, there are also may be things you’d rather people forget about you where you live now. In another country, nobody knows the bad parts of your story.

This allows you to start over in every way possible. As for the details you’d rather keep away from your personal resume, they can be left out of your tales of the past.

Most of all, if you’re having a bad time where you live at the moment, it’s almost compulsory that you take the amazing chance of a fresh start.

8. Change: The Recipe for Happiness

Working abroad always seems like a distant idea at first, but as it gains viability over time, it’s something worth trying out. The differences that a decision like this brings almost always have a positive impact. Think about it, how is it possible for you to gain so much from a rich, new experience and remain in the same or worse mental state?




Author: Dimitris Vlachos
Image: Flickr/Peretz Partensky
Editor: Travis May


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